Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dream Weapons present: FLOWERS IN MY GARDEN C60

Flowers in My Garden features ethereal folk, folk rock and pop recorded sometime between 1968 to 1983. Some self released loner folk and demos to thorougly arranged and sophisticated studio recordings. But I think there’s a dense atmosphere and a haunting quality to everything here. Unheard or forgotten songs of a certain beauty forever lost. I wanted the cover art to match its mysterious and enchanting content, but I see now that it ended up resembling a cheap yellowback. I think the painting I used is very nice though:) -Moahaha

... and BTW: I’ve got a lot on my mind these days, and it may take a while till I post another mix.

1 Risken Finns - Til Weena
2 Cindi Titzer - Foggy Sea
3 Frunk - Tears On My Pillow
4 Martine Bijl - Ik Vraag De Bloemen
5 Bermuda Triangle - Lost Worlds
6 Jancis Harvey - Take Two
7 Tantalus - Ye Jacobites By Name
8 Winterwood - Pirates Of Stone County Road
9 Bonnie Koloc - Devil's Nine Questions

10 Paul Esslinger - Unterwegs
11 Lillebjørn Nilsen - Jeg Lagde Meg Så Silde
12 Judy Dyble - Under the Sky
13 Carm Mascarenhas - Fields Of Green
14 Kolibri - Tsamadou
15 Wichita Fall - Morning Song
16 Kathy Smith - Willie
17 Gillian McPherson - It’s My Own Way
18 Lars Klevstrand - Fantasia
19 Turid - Och Somaren Kom 



Monday, April 1, 2024

Dream Weapons present: CITY LIGHTS C90

For as long as I can recall I’ve loved those gorgeous string arrangements, the lighthearted playful sensuality, the synths and the grooves of Disco. Yet I never felt like had the overview or knowledge to compile a mix. But now I went along and did it anyway. During the years these 19 tracks were recorded: from 1975 to 1982: Disco was a global phenomena. So there’s literally a whole world of largely unheard gems out there to discover. Locating different takes from different scenes is most definitely part of the charm. Some funky, jazzy and organic takes, while others goes hard on the synths and drum machines. But always peppy, fun and... life-affirming -Moahaha

1 İstanbul Şarkıcıları - Yanmışım
2 Lynsey de Paul - Love Bomb
3 Alain Leroux & Christer Norden - Feeling Really Groovy
4 Carrie Lucas - Are You Dancing?
5 Min Hae Kyung / Goin' Back to China / ゴーイン・バック・トゥ・チャイナ
6 Noël - I Want a Man
7 Who's Who - Ad Libitum 80
8 The Tee Cee's - Solid And Cool
9 Min Hae Kyung / 민해경 - Must Be Love / 사랑은 그래야만 해요
10 Arp-Life - Apolobamba

11 Emmie Yokoyama - Disco Vampirella
12 Zdenka Kovačiček - Kobra
13 Il Etait Une Fois - L'amour Dans Mon Pays
14 Piotr Figiel Ensemble - Good Morning Mr
15 JPM And Co. - Adieu L'Ami
16 La Sha Ba - You've Been Hunchin'
17 Yumi Murata  - A Conscious Lie / みんな嘘
18 Andy Nelson (Serge Ponsar) - Lady Angie
19 Hiroshi Sato - Jōdo



The image used for the cover art, and at least 1/3 of these tunes were original rips located at the unique and wonderful Melodiesmagic-blog. They make their own compilations too (which I should really check out myself:)