Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dream Weapons present: MORNING DEW C90

Although the title itself is nicked from Tony Hatch and Jackie Trents cover version of Bonnie Dobson's apocalyptic anti-nuclear protest song, I figured it was time for some pleasantly organic and good-natured music. In short I've compiled a collection of jazzed & psyched up «world folk». The challenge (or fun really) is mixing andalusian classical piano, baroque pop, medieval dancetunes, argentinian folklore and everything in between - while trying to maintain a natural flow. There's plenty of melancholy and dark moods but practically every second out of these ninety minutes are full of comforting warmth and beauty. Atleast according to me they are.


1 Jan Johansson - Konung Gustaf I och Dalkarlarna 
2 Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - Morning Dew 
3 Glenn Yarbrough - Dark as a Dungeon 
4 Mary O'Hara - The Quiet Land Of Erin 
5 Extradition – Minuet 
6 Mustapha Skandrani - Stikhbar Sika 
7 Oriental Wind – Cökertme 
8 Guy Pedersen - Purgatorie Mood 2 
9 Jasper van't Hof - Pas De Deux 
10 Lotus - Ungersk Dans 
11 Mikael Ramel - De' Går Undan 
12 Strawbs - Oh How She Changed 
13 Bridges – Vagrants 

1 The Hollies – Butterfly 
2 Marco Perichetti - Vento Di Terra 
3 Joseph LoDuca – Introduction (Evil Dead) 
4 Catherine Braslavsky Ensemble – Kaddosh/Sanctus 
5 Christina Pluhar / L'Arpeggiata - Amygdalaki Tsakisa 
6 Timi Yuro – Interlude (album version) 
7 Dilip Roy – Vidaai 
8 Björn J:son Lindh – El Henna 
9 Talea – Tourdion (edit) 
10 Sam McLoughlin & Alison Cooper – The Fox Moth 
11 Nico Muhly - Pillaging Music (edit) 
12 Amancio D'Silva – Maharani 
13 Los de Salta - Trago de Sombra 
14 The Brothers Four - St. James Infirmary

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dream Weapons present: DEUTSCH NEPAL C60
"Deutsch Nepal is a space-oddity mix mean't for late nights in the company of prescription drugs or herbs, staring through telescopes at the peripheries of space and all its unknown wonder. It is not a party playlist, it is mean't for contemplation. I have found many a great night listening to it staring out of the windows of buses through Central America or on planes, in airports or driving through long tunnels" - Prabha Devi

Clouds - Gigi Masin
Silverrain - Adelbert Von Deyen
Südseewellen (Ambient Remix) - Michael Rother
Arabesque No. 1 - Tomita
Ballet Statique - Conrad Schnitzler
Piano Sur La Mer - Philippe Guerre
Ultraviolet - Automat
Last Ride Of The Boogie Child - Tim Blake
High - Richard Schneider Jr.
Trümmerköpfe - Asmus Tietchens
Chasing The Dream - Peter Baumann
Cindy Electronium - Raymond Scott

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dream Weapons present: ANTROPOCEN C90

The Anthropocene (same thing... in english) is a proposed epoch that begins when human activities started to have a significant global impact on Earth's geology and ecosystems. The name is a prop combination of anthropo- meaning "human" and -cene meaning «new».

Translating our present era into music is apparently the sound of cinematographic moods and static grooves - featuring new/cold & no wave, soulful drum machines, avantgarde oldies, vintage electronics and electroacoustic delights (and most certainly not the gentle psych-folk my cover art suggests)... at its catchiest! Join inn to rejoice in the wondrous and mourn the terrible ways of mankind at the end of Antropocen.



1. Caravelli - Morse a L’infini 

2. Sueno Sueno - Lluvia 
3. El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados - Sintonía Diario Pop
4. Gianni Safred - Electronic Brain
5. Lemon Kittens - Kites
6. A La Ping Pong - Hamburg-Ankara
7. Metronic Underground - Drifting 

8. Charles Cohen - Utep 1
9. Igor Wakhévitch - Taddy's Fruit Garden
10. John Cage (Piano, Tim Ovens) - Sonatas and Interludes: XV. Sonata 12
11. Paris - On the Prowl
12. The Residents - God of Darkness
13. Λένα Πλάτωνος - A Physical Exercise Unresolved


1. Krzysztof Penderecki - Rekopis Znaleziony W Saragossie - 1
2. Bernard C - For I = 1 To 5 Trop Tard
3. John Cameron - Final Countdown
4. John Scott - Imposing Surroundings II
5. Adelbert von Deyen - Timemachine
6. Rockets - Electro-Voice
7. Fra Lippo Lippi - The Inside Veil
8. Beranek - Hope I Didn't Call Your Name
9. X-Ray Pop - La Machine A Rever
10. Blipblop - Sista Vilan
11. Ilitch - Waiting For Mabelle
12. Pierre Bastien - Exercice II _ Still !
13. Andrea Belfi - Extraevil (edit)

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