Friday, February 22, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: TVEKLANG C60

5x2 vintage analogue electro/acoustic (but not electroacoustic) tunes of shimmering beauty and dreamlike moods to set your mind adrift. Primarily.

«Tve» is Norwegian and means two-or double but as a split… like the forked tongue of a snake. Klang is similar to reverb, but the latter can’t be used in a context such as «complimentary colors forms a harmonious tveklang» - so its not exactly the same. But most of all I think it just sounds and look right for the content of this mix. -Moahaha

1 Liebezeit, Herweg, Stahl & Polonski - Bachelors Club
2 Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown - Il, Les Quitta A L'aube
3 Cosmic Hoffmann - Hypnotic
4 Francesco Cabiati - Chok
5 Ian Boddy - Till Quiet Descends (live, end edit)

6 Richard Schneider Jr. - Birds And Children
7 Juan Blanco - Música Para Danza
8 Paul Nelson - Vortex 1
9 Jean Hoyoux - La Blancheur Ouverture
10 Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho - L'appel de la Terre


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Dream Weapons present: LA FLOR DE SUR C60

All kinds of post-war oldies with musical traditions of either Mexican, Spanish, South American or Caribbean origins. As long as the tune got some distinct latin beat and blends in with the rest I don’t really care if the ensembles are actually from those parts of the world or South East Asia, France, North America… or wherever. La Flor de Sur translates into «Flower of the South» or «Southern Flower» (I hope). Prepare for melodramatic voices, great melodies, infectious rhythms and just plain old fun! -Moahaha

1 Don Mario Suárez - Un Rumor
2 Lita Mirial - Antonio Vargas
3 Patrice & Mario - Tchike, Tchike… Señorita
4 Los Cinco Latinos - Un Payaso en el Paraiso
5 Irving Fields Trio - David's Dance (Reb Duvidel)
6 Ana Lúcia - A Outra Face
7 Djalma Ferreira e seus Milionários do Ritmo - Destino
8 The Four Lads - Dance, Calinda
9 Hermanas Fleta - Vuelve a tu Nido
10 Charlie & His Go- Go Boys - We Need Each Other
11 Sonia y Myriam - Claveles

12 Issa El Saieh and His Orchestra - Ma Brune
13 Ana Maria Gonzalez - Dos Gardenias
14 Antonio Maciel & Trío Aguilillas  - Pena Huasteca
15 The All Star Orchestra - Yoimachi-Guza
16 Sondi Sodsai - Love Dance
17 Conjunto "Los Peregrinos" & Raul Shaw Moreno - Diablito Lucifer (Huayño Con Diablada)
18 The Limeliters - Battle at Gandessa
19 Remigio Ducros - El Bar Del Medio
20 Le Trio Brisas - Caripito
21 Lolita Garrido - Rendidamente Enamorada
22 Luciano Tajoli - Luna Algerina