Saturday, November 19, 2022

Dream Weapons present: EASTERN EMBROIDERIES & MURDEROUS GROOVES C90X2 (reworkings)

 -I revisit all our old C90’s while making streams to upload for Radio AlHara. However these two mixtapes compiled in spring 2016, were originially C120’s(!). Not long after I posted them I’ve thought them both to be overlong and hard to sit through. You know, a little bloated. Our ninety minute radio slot twice a month was a perfect excuse to trim them down to three-fourths of its original size (plus improve on the flow, the sound and the cover art). To me they feel brand new and I finally enjoy them from start to finish. Well here they are (again):


Ever since my childhood I've had an affinity for a certain timbre that could mainly be found in the music from behind the Iron Curtain and in the regions of the former Sovietunion. Wether it’s armenian tetrachords, persian shashmaqam-modes from the central asian regions, klezmer, balkan or gypsy tunes... melancholic,  joyous (or both simultaniously) - it always seem to go straight to my heart -Moahaha

1 Ensemble de Shavkat Mirzaev - Gulruch / Soul of Flower (Uzbekistan)
2 Zeynəb Xanlarova - Ек-ёк (Azerbaijan)
3 Munadjat Yulchieva & Ensemble Shavkat Mirzaev - Ranolan Mansun (Uzbekistan)
4 Georgian Voices - Aba Darujan (Georgia)
5 Sirajoddin Juraev - Masq-e Javanan (Tajikistan)
6 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Doko, Doko Mori Crno Oko (Macedonia)
7 Abdukvaki Abdulrashidov - Tanavar-E-Farghaneh (Tajikistan)
8 Agapi Kazarian - Hikou Ghimeten Tchim Gidi (Armenia)
9 Turgun Alimatov - Chorgoh (Uzbekistan)
10 Esma Redžepova - Caje Sukarije (Macedonia)
11 Toni Iordache - Cantec de Ascultare si Breaza (Romania)
12 Vladimir Smbatian - Armyanskie Narodnye Melodii (Armenia)
13 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Ej Gugutka Guka U Gora (Macedonia)

14 Verka Siderova - Zhunala e Radka (Bulgaria)
15 Mira Vasiljevic - Oj Javore (Serbia)
16 Kairat Boibosynov - Ashilim (Kazakhstan)
17 Kanklių Trio - Preliudija Ir Fuga C-Dur (Lithuania)
18 Usnija Jasarova - Me Suneste Aljan (Macedonia)
19 Pauls Dambis - Jūras Dziesmas (Sea Songs): I. Pūti, Pūti, Vēja Māte (Latvia)
20 Ozoda Ashurova & Abduvali Abdurashidov - Yor Gulsumane (Tajikistan)
21 Salamat Sadikova – Kirgiz Jeri / Kygryz Land (Kyrgyzstan)
22 100 Kaba Bagpipes Choir and Orchestra - Bela Sum, Bela, Yunache (Bulgaria)
23 Valentinas Kaplūnas - Paltanavičius / Rapsodija (Lithuania)
24 Nezaket Memmedova - Nece Unudum Seni (Azerbaijan)
25 Istvan Nyul - Mélodie Csángó et Danse Hajduk (Hungary)
26 Hasmik Harutyunyan & The Shoghaken Ensemble – Kessabi Oror (Armenia)
27 Georgi Cholev - Melodia Na Tambura (Bulgaria)



Jazz can be and mean a great many different things - spiritual, intellectual, political, relaxing, painful... you name it. Its also potentially full of suspense, tension, action and horror which is why jazz has been used to a great extent in film noir, thrillers, crime, giallo, cop-movies to name a few genres. I don't know why film-makers abandoned the perfect soundpalette to go along with moving images in favour of pompous orchestral scores and seemingly random pop-songs, but I know that they shouldn't have.

There's much greatness hidden in mostly obscure soundtracks and even more obscure production/library records - and from countless hours of excellence I've compiled 90 minutes of tunes in all kinds of moods, approaches and genres really, but still pretty much jazz in one way or another -Moahaha

1 Raymond Le Sénéchal – Generique
2 Farlocco - Stadio
3 Raymond Guiot – Primitive Spirit
4 Pippo Caruso – Discosession
5 Ziad Rahbani - Variation 2
6 Art Blakey - No Hay Problema Pt. 2
7 Orkest Ruud Bos - Dat Verhaal Van Jou
8 Fiorenzo Carpi - Pelle Di Luna
9 Guy Pedersen - Chasse À L'homme
10 Janko Nilovic – Flemish Suite
11 Barney Wilen - Poursuite et Metro 

12 Keith Papworth – Wheel Man
13 Stefano Liberati - Shark Jazz Band
14 Giuliano Sorgini - Ingranaggi Pesanti
15 Bruno Nicolai – Immaginativa
16 Michel Bernholc – Articulation
17 Giovanni Tommaso - Underground Number Seven
18 Alessandro Alessandroni – Introverso
19 Aldo Buonocore - La Fine di Fanny
20 Camille Sauvage – Requiem Pour Satan
21 Pierre Arvay – Footing
22 Ennio Morricone - Gatto a Nove Code
23 Daniela Casa – Dittatura 

-click on titles or cover art for links (original C120, 2016-versions are here & here)


  1. Thanks very much for your comps, I enjoy them immensely. Cheers from Argentina

  2. This looks especially good so thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best for Christmas & the new year.

    1. Yes after some trimming I'm kind of pleased with them myself. All the best for Christmas & the new year to you too, zipper. Thanks for being open to all the music Dream Weapons present, present:)