Monday, November 7, 2022

Dream Weapons present: WE’RE OUT OF SPACE C90

I don't know how well I succeeded but my intention was for the cover art to resemble my favorite Cosmic Jokers, Harmonia and Cluster-albums. I've compiled a sort of «Fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Milchstraße» mix of kosmische unterhaltung. Electronic music, but in a warm and playful way. For the most part -Moahaha 
1 Massive Suits Quartet - The Odyssey, Pt. 1
2 Mamman Sani Abdoulaye - Bodo
3 Michele Mercure - The Sky Is Falling
4 Teisutis Makacinas - Ilgas Laukimas
5 Rainbow Generator - Quiblings Query
6 Vick Mars - Arran Avenue Summer
7 Matt Berry - Music For Insomniacs (Part II) end edit
8 Philippe Feret - Jeux de Verre
9 Kosmischer Laufer - Weltraumspaziergang
10 Château Flight - Les Vampires (Part 7)
11 The Trash Can Company - The Manchester Stomp
12 Carl Matthews - Image III

13 Flaty - Aliyans (feat. Lapti)
14 Adrian Cox - Aegina (Part 1)
15 Max Ox - Seat 7B
16 Fred Weinberg - Aum Mau Mau
17 Kitaro - Endless Dreamy World / Kaiso
18 Klaus Krüger - Suchen
19 Mike Vickers - Tomorrow Today
20 Mick Clarke - Time Is Now
21 Gerhard Heinz - Disko Alternativ
22 Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho - Tout-en-rêverie
23 Michael Bundt - Terrania (Electri City)
24 Ian Boddy - Natural Motion
25 Syrinx - Field Hymn (Epilogue) 


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you do, davinian:) -Moahaha

  2. Many thanks for this fine looking set and Desert Caravan. I see what you mean about the desert painting, you're almost in there being blasted by the wind and sand. Time for a cold beer I think.

    1. Indeed - I'm heading staight down to my local bar... in a couple of hours:) This one however looks like I'm a used-space salesman.

  3. This is a very beautiful compilation! transported me to space and at the same time to my childhood ! Thank you,Moahaha !

    1. Thank you, DOOMSTERJOHN. I actually did include the sort of sounds and melodies similar to the ones I loved hearing (mostly on TV) as a child.

    2. Yay! From today I can comment as Moahaha again (on my new MAC)

  4. Hey there, would it be possible to do a reup on a different server? Mediafire won't let me download because of copyright and pcloud says the file has been limited to premium because of too much traffic...

  5. Hey, yes now there's a third download-option available. But I think that if you try again it'll work with Mediafire (it worked for me)? Usually, all you have to do is try one more time.

  6. many thanks! i know it usually works with mediafire like that, somehow with this one i wasn't as lucky.