Friday, October 21, 2022

Dream Weapons present: DESERT CARAVAN C90

It was only a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this dense, 19th century Orientalist painting by Charles-Théodore Frère. It affected me. I felt the intense heat and tasted the sand in my mouth. This is a soundtrack for the cover art and sonically a follow-up to my «east meets west» 2016-mix Orient-Tneiro. Back then I wrote «Oriental jazz-vibes and slow 'n sensuous bellydance grooves. Unlike an Exotica-album your inner imagined landscapes won't be of the sea or the jungle, but the desert and the savannah». I wouldn’t last for a day in a habitat like that, but I can listen to this kind of music all day every day. -Moahaha

1 Gus Vali - The Speechless Animal
2 Uakti - Arabesque
3 The Sheiks - Ya-Habibi
4 Attila Engin Group - Zultan
5 Omar Metioui - Twisya de la San´a
6 Chris Kalogerson & The Ensemble Sarqi‎ - Haso-Eliniko
7 Amer-Abic Orchestra - Jazz in Port Said
8 Train - Arabesque
9 Esin Engin & His Orchestra - Kolbastı
10 Clivage - Tabarkha
11 Umberto Santucci - Museo orientale (Vers. arpa)
12 Artie Barsamian - Little Boy (Pokrig Dughah)

13 Archimedes Badkar - Desert Band
14 Bros. In Co-op - Listen Heah
15 Anestos Athounasiou & His Ensemble - Stavrodromi
16 Baligh Hamdi - The Beloved Date
17 Roman Bunka - M. in T.
18 Hossam Shaker - Tamra Henna, Pt. 2
19 Sonorch - Plaine Du Tal
20 Said Slam - Inta Inta
21 David Carroll - Shish-Kebab
22 Arkadaş - Boyle Ikrar Ilen
23 Light Rain - City of Dreams
24 Tarik Bulut - Arabic Fantasy 



Btw: here's the full painting (thanks to pete.m I now know it's by Charles-Théodore Frère)


  1. You're right - that's a very resonant and evocative image. I noticed a possible signature in the lower left-hand corner and, from that, I think that it was painted by Charles-Théodore Frère. I couldn't find this precise image in a brief Google search, but it looks very much in his style. Looking forward to exploring the music. Thanks for posting it.

  2. It is indeed Charles-Théodore Frère! Thank you pete.m. I don't know why I didn't think of looking for -or noticed the signature. Maybe it's because it's signed on the left. I don't know. Strangely this specific painting looks more "modern" than the rest of his works. Almost J.M.W. Turner-like in it's less realistic, more atmospheric approach. -Moahaha

    1. Yes, I agree with you about it looking modern - like Turner definitely did, as you say (and also some of John Martin's work, from a similar time). I guess they were ahead of the game, heading towards abstraction and pure colour, and therefore towards the inner world rather than just being figurative.

    2. Yes, but regarding Frère and this painting in particular (although signed), I'm beginning to suspect it's a smaller sketch or a study for a larger work. Which could also explain why there's 0 matches in my TinEye search.

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    1. You're welcome, Crab Devil. Hope you're enjoying it:)

    2. Thank you
      Looks to be wonderful

    3. Hope it sounds wonderful too:) -Moahaha

  4. Looks like this one has run into the same issue described in your recent Reuploads post. Would you please re-up it too?