Sunday, October 9, 2022

(self)promotion: Eulipion Corps - Rites & Mysteries (Wormhole World, 2022)

Yes, I've made the cover art for a second Eulipion Corps album. After compiling 150 mixtapes I'm incapable of creating designs for the traditional CD/LP square (I tried both times:). But Julian doesn't seem to mind adopting "our signature look".

I've featured his music on two previous mixes: The Quiet Earth and It Was a Very Good Lightyear. So I'd say there's a fair chance you'll enjoy this if you enjoyed those - and of course if you liked Eulipion Corps (or "our") previous album Aenean Fields.

It's either free to listen to at Bandcamp, or £2.50 to buy the digital version (the CD is unfortunatly already sold out), so if you're curious, there's really no reason not to give it a try. I think it's beautiful. -Moahaha

(print on "picturedisc")



  1. Beautiful and interesting artwork, as ever - thank you. I like the music, too!

    1. Thank you pete.m - I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed both music and artwork -Moahaha