Sunday, March 27, 2022

(self)promotion: Eulipion Corps - Aenean Fields (Wormhole World, 2022)

Eulipion Corps is Julian Goldberger on guitar, synths, electric piano, vintage drum machines, field recordings, and various other sound making devices. 

I, or Moahaha made the album cover! Julian first contacted Dream Weapons as a blog visitor who liked our mixes, and over the last year or so, we've gotten to know each other a little bit. I also checked out his own, self released music, enjoyed what I heard - and ended up including one of the tracks "The Long Goodbye" on It Was a Very Good Lightyear. Sometime in late 2021 he started to work with the UK based label Wormhole World, and asked me if I was interested in designing the artwork for his fourthcoming album. I told him I was just a happy amateur, but that's seemingly what he wanted:). At first I tried to work with the traditional shape of a square image. But nothing felt right until I went about it as if I was compiling another mixtape. As you can see it ended up having a distinct DWp-signature look.

So what does this sound like? The visuals will hopefully give you an indication but I find it comparable to the sort of electronic music in combination with warm acoustic parts - as featurered on the aforementioned mix + Innerouterspace, On Ice, Tveklang, Return to TRAPPIST-1 etc. I mean it's not the exact same of course, but if you enjoy the music featured on those, there's a great chance you (like me) will dig this. Click on the front & back cover art for links to Bandcamp and Spotify, or start by checking out Aenean Fields opening epic underneath -  and take it from there -Moahaha


...for the back I actually reused the It Was a Very Good Lightyear-image. There's such an undeniable fit for the musical contents of the album, I simply had to.

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