Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Dream Weapons present: THERE IS DEATH IN THE POT C90 (2011)

If some of you «regulars» have stumbled over any of my pre-DWp mixtapes, its bound to be either my first mix ever (titled Dark Sweets) or this one. My second and final C90 shared at a mythical place in cyberspace that existed in the great era of Mp3’s. Yes, before streaming, Spotify, Tidal etc… there was सølγ שаябlɛş. Well, at least it meant a lot to many of us music nutters back in the days.
-A first out of many self portraits done with music made by others. After listening to these ninety minutes of music, you’ll know me better than you would after having actually spent an hour and a half with me. This was what I wrote when There is Death in the Pot was originally shared back in 2011:

I have these childhood memories of watching films or whatever on TV, when I was too young to understand the essence of what was actually going and why. I still carry the strong emotional impact these experiences had on little innocent me. They’ve shaped my preferences and psyche just as much as things that happened in real life. 

So I wanted to recreate a kind of fictional or impressionistic version of eras past. A mixed up adventure of castles, exotic travels, strange languages (Even english was a foreign language. It still is) and bygone cultures, dark forests, beautiful maidens, horses, warriors, pilgrims, drunks, impressive sideburns and death. Add all the confusing grown up stuff such as forbidden love, hate, sex, evil, perversions and funerals. Hundreds or maybe thousands of artificial memories melted into one pot -Moahaha

A: There is Death

1 The Martin Best Consort – Now I Can Delight in Love/E’l Pare E’l Mare
2 La Famiglia Degli Ortega – Arcipelago (full version)
3 Peter, Paul and Mary – Flora
4 Conventum – Le Piège
5 Atrium Musicae et al. – Stella Splendens (Danza Sagrada I)
6 Egisto Macchi – Con Moto
7 Kalenda Maya – Lita Karin
8 Continuum – Dance of Destruction
9 The Sun Also Rises – Death
10 Ony Wytars Ensemble – Düdül
11 Armando Trovajoli - Ammuri, Ammuri (2022-bonus)
12 Andre Hossein – Flash Back
13 Paolo Renosto – Daghe e Scudi (Vers. Veloce)
14 Yma Sumac - Jivaro

B: In the Pot

15 The Rahbani Brothers – Al Mahatta First Ouverture
16 Manos Hatzidakis & Dmitra Galani – Se Pelagisio Mnima
17 Marie Laforêt – Pour Celui Qui Viendra
18 Jacques Thollot – Watch Devil Go
19 Stelvio Cipriani – Hot Skin
20 Turid – Vargen
21 Catharsis – En Revenant De La Noce
22 Yao Su Yong – 臉兒紅,心兒笑
23 Giorgio Gaslini – Tema Del Maniaco (#3)
24 Tafo Brothers & Nahid Akhtar – Jeenay Ki Rah
25 Uakti – Passo Da Lua
26 Shuji Terayama - あゝ初恋 (2022-bonus)
27 Le Groupe Orchidée – L’Une Chante, L’Autre Pas
28 Ensemble Havadià - Finale
29 Lalo Schifrin & Rose Marie Jun – Aria
30 Bruno Nicolai - Giano 

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  1. Shout out to this one. To this day, this still has a significant place in my heart.

    1. Thanks - that's about as nice a comment one could hope for:)

  2. Thank you for keeping सølγ שаябlɛş alive!

  3. Long live सølγ שаябlɛş! "Dark Sweets" has been a perennial favorite here since it was released. I knew there had to be a connection between Dream Weapons and सølγ שаябlɛş / øשlqæda! Thanks for keeping the dreams alive.

    1. Dark Sweets is coming up sometime this spring too. Not that you need it, I suppose. Like this it'll be a little brushed up, with "a real C90 cover", a handful of better files, a bonus track (because of the extra space), some updated/correct info etc... But the main reason is that I wanted to make them available as streaming. Plus it gave me an excuse to write something about सølγ שаябlɛş:)

  4. Hi Moahaha!!

    Undoubtedly there are still a lot of archaeomusicologist freaks thirsty for knowledge who share the route with you from सølγ שаябlɛş, learning, enjoying and traveling through totally unknown worlds... now we continue doing it with Dream Weapons, how can we thank you for so much?

    Crazy Monkey


    1. Hi Crazy Monkey! We'll see, but at least from looking at the stats this old school blog has grown a little each and every month since November 2015.

      Anyway just keep listening, maybe leave a nice comment every once in a while - and I'm happy:)

  5. Thank you!!! I remember those सølγ שаябlɛş with dear øשlqæda days quite well...

    Billy ☆ Goat ☆ Latin
    Bride of The Holy ☆ Ghost
    Eileen Aroon
    Holy ☆ Ghost Power!
    Øשl Halløשş

    nice...very nice!!!

    1. As do I! Winter is Blue and Heranáa C¢smica were/are also very dear to me.

  6. Opening up a new (to me) DW collection is like diving into a sea, eventually surfacing with musical nuggets I never knew existed. Hold the lifeboat...I'm going in again.

    1. Haha yes that's exactly the experience we were missing when most of the blogs that made collections similar to ours, "died out". We had to start making our own:)

  7. Holy Warbles and Ghost Capital were my bibles for years. I was really depressed when they disappeared, couldn't find a blog so consistent in it's diversity. And yes, Dream Weapons has been the answer. I owe you a lot, your mixtapes are completely linked to my driving hours. Apart from that, i usually extract 3 or 4 gems of every compilation and then sometimes prepare my own ones. You give us perfectly cooked delights that can be easily separated by ingredients, so your gift creates as much pleasure as creativity.

  8. Thank you! Yes, we figured we weren't alone missing those (kinds of) blogs.

    "Apart from that, i usually extract 3 or 4 gems of every compilation and then sometimes prepare my own ones"

    -as I've usually used to do myself:)... that's one of the reasons we insist on mp3's - as well as streaming (although I try to make them work "as perfect as I'm able to" as a whole).

  9. Thank you very much for beautiful compilation !

  10. https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/43637

    1. Yes. That Hammer guy though. I don't know wether he's simply trolling or not, but

      ...Babes, it was me the one alerting the authorities to his website, and I submitted a condemnatory letter stating the need to uproot his sorry-ass off the webs for good. Yeah, mamma jammas you can call me evoool... but, hell IDGAF and do not get my poop gathered around such emotional infestations as this very one that I find here. Still, and miraculously; nefariously so... his obituaries are horded by the ickypum-pum everywhere I go...

    2. Wait, you're the person responsible for the take down of holywarbles?

    3. 'pon review it appears this is owlqaeda posing as another. in other words, he likely disapproved of the undergrowth reaching the sun. let there be light, in my opinion.

    4. "I'm" certainly not "the person responsible for the take down of holywarbles" - if that's what you're actually asking in your first post:)