Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Dream Weapons present: WAVEFORMS C60

Mostly mildly pulsating Kosmische / Berlin School (inspired) electronic music. I think of night drives, wet asphalt, gas stations and neon lights. But it’ll probably sound nice for a trip to the countryside as well. Or into space. Or at home… I don’t know about you, but how I experience music changes with my surroundings anyway. Just listen to it whenever or wherever you feel like it. 
-I don’t even have a drivers license. Nor do I own a car. But if I did I know I would drive around for hours for no other purpose than listening to music -Moahaha


1 Gunther Olesch - Sternenmarsch
2 Stratis - TE Rheingold
3 Explorer - No. 8
4 Patrick Vasori & Caravelli - Novembre
5 Hardy Kukuk - Takt Der Zeit
6 Gil Mellé - The Piedmont Elegy
7 Le Car - 24 Hours
8 Reinhard Lakomy - Möglichkeit Einer Ouvertüre

9 Gianni Sposito - Nova
10 Angelika Mann - Erinnerung An Jürgen H. (edit)
11 Trance - Matriculator
12 Those Little Aliens - Ismalia
13 Fondation - Impressions
14 Asmus Tietchens - Größenwarnung
15 Sergei Djokanov - The Green Desert
16 Roberto Anselmi - Flash Gordon (Molto Ritmico - Sintetizzatore)

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  1. Classic Rock CoversApril 20, 2022 at 4:01 PM

    Hello, we have the blogs and If you want put our links to your Blog List. We already put your blog to our Blog's Blog List. Thank you! :)

    1. Hello, I think I've already done that? Let me check.

  2. Thnaks, Moahaha. You might look into Racaty and Pixeldrain for filesharing... are newer (i think) and seem user-friendly from a download perspective.

    1. Thanks Bil! I'll check them out.

    2. Racaty and Pixeldrain deletes files that don't get downloads for 35/30 days. That's not gonna be a problem until years from now, but one of many things I like about Mediafire is - although not perfect it doesn't remove files ever (as long as there are no other specific issues). At least we've never had any troubles like that. Guess I'll keep looking for other options first.

  3. THank you, lovely mix as always, keep up the good work, love this blog.

  4. Another storming collection. OK I'll admit it, I haven't played it yet but I know from past experience it'll be good and varied. Dream mark of quality. On the subject of an alternative file host, my go to for uploads is Mediafire, which you already use anyway. I've come across a few decent hosters but only having downloaded from them I can't comment on their policy regarding old files. From a purely personal point of view I hope you don't use Zippyshare. Here in the UK we have to use a VPN which is OK as far as it goes but it does mean anything on Zippyshare takes an age to download. I'm not complaining as free music is not a right but a privilege, but there are many better hosts out there. Enough of my ramblings...thanks for the music.

    1. Haha - let's hope you'll think similarily post-listening. Zippshare deletes your files after a certain amount of days without a download, and we won't use or support any file host who deletes stuff.