Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Dream Weapons present: DARK SWEETS C90

My official mixtape "debut" from some time in late 2011. Until then I had only made compilations for myself, a few friends, former girlfriends and my wife. I’m thankful that oVo contacted me and invited me to join inn on सølγ שаябlɛş. This was the first of the two contributions I shared before it got shut down and Owl went incognito. Pretty much. 

 As the years have gone by I’ve found additional info and learned that what I thought was a mix filled exclusively with pre-rock 78RPM-era tunes has three songs from the 1960’s on it. But they sure sound older!

The version I'm sharing here is almost identical, but better sounding and hopefully better looking too. Here's how I presented it back when it was originally shared:

-Dark Sweets is actually a by-product of compiling hours and hours of 50 – 100 year old music from all over the world for a New Years Eve party. For this mix I singled out my favorites tunes among the obscure tracks ripped directly from 78’s. I’ve added a few hits from my own collection but tried to stay away from any tracks I’ve discovered on other comps and mixtapes. So this should be a unique listening experience for most of you -Moahaha 

1. Ukulele Ike - Night Owl 1933
2. Zarah Leander - Jag Har Hört I Vindens Sus En Gång 1938
3. Victor Young - Hebrew Chant 1947
4. Cab Calloway and His Orchestra - Evenin’ 1933
5. Woody Herman - Marakesh 1955
6. Amelita Galli-Curci - Russian Nightingale Song 1927
7. The Kansas City Six - Pagin’ The Devil 1938
8. Henry Hall - Home 1932
9. Sofia Vembo - Konta Sto Nilo 1938
10. Desi Arnaz - Tabu 1951
11. Unidentified - Nights of Happiness
12. Nahwand - Fantasi
13. Katsuhiko Haida - Oh By Jingo 1937 (2022 bonus!)
14. Nat Shilkret - Bolero 1930
15. Six Brothers Brown - Peter Gink 1919

16. Tak Shindo - Cherry Blossoms 1960
17. Waldjinah - Igm Kr Sunda Kelapa 1968
18. Rina Celi Y Su Orquesta - Una Casita 1947
19. Alexander Chevtschenko - Zwei Guitarren 1943
20. Hermanas Russel - Hoy Es Tu Cumpleaños 1944
21. Raymond Scott - Moment Whimsical 1939
22. Rina Ketty -Sombreros et Mantilles 1938
23. Alice Babs - Den Glade Vandraren 1954
24. Abe Ellstein Orchestra - Dem Monastrishter Rebin's Chosid'l 1925
25. Madame Riviere’s Hawaiians - Paahana Hula 1929
26. A. Kostis - Troumba 1931
27. Amano Kikuyo - Marie 1929
28. The Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra - Kismet 1921 ("new" track)
29. Carlos Montoya - La Virgen de la Macarena 1962
30. Gus Gadinis - Hasapiki Sousta 1930’s
31. Harry James - The Flight of the Bumblebee 1941

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  1. Here's two other options:

    1. Thanks. I'm familiar with them both. They have their positive sides, but they both delete files after a while, don't they? I've only used Wetransfer unregistered, so I'll check out what's different about being a registered user.

    2. Now I've registered on Wetransfer and they still delete every file after seven days. That's no good at all.

  2. Dark Sweets truly lives up to it's name. Good stuff.

  3. This one has been a favorite in my household since the Holy Warbles days. I think it was looking for more information about it that led me to Dream Weapons a few years back. Glad to be listening this "remastered" edition. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks for another really interesting mix - it's always so good for me to be opened up to music I haven't come across before.
    As for hosting sites, I came across Pixeldrain the other day, and that seemed to work painlessly enough in terms of downloading. I don't know much else about it though, and I've no idea how it might be from your end.

    1. Hey pete.m. Thank you! Were trying out Pcloud now, and it seems like its pretty good. So far we like it.

  5. hello can you do it one compilation of reefer blues ? thank you

    1. That's... that's not something I would consider doing, I'm afraid. Sorry. But I know there's a whole series of reefer blues-compilations out there already. And those old greek rebetika songs seem to be about hashish and marijuana more often than not.