Monday, September 13, 2021

Dream Weapons present: IT WAS A VERY GOOD LIGHTYEAR C60

A collection of fourteen dreams as dreamt by astronauts in deep, deep cryosleep (let’s just pretend dreaming is possible while you’re cooled down to -200 °C). In infinite space their minds fly beyond the skies and down to earth simultaneously. Human/machine, organic/mechanic, warm and cold soundscapes makes up their gently contrasting dreamscore - as imagined by Moahaha 

1 A Gethsémani - Alizés ou les Mélancolies
2 Eulipion Corps - The Long Goodbye
3 Richard Schneider Jr. - Visions
4 Andrew Wasylyk - Westway Nocturne
5 Claire Hamill - Sleep
6 Argo - A4
7 Gino Peguri - Marocco

8 Laurence Vanay - Glaciers interdits
9 Symboter - New Generation (end edit)
10 Eberhard Schoener - Tjandra
11 The Arms of Someone New - With Louise
12 Alessandro Alessandroni - Disperazione
13 Fumio Miyashita - Touch
14 Francesco Bucchieri - Dream

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  1. Can I go back to sleep for another three months?

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    1. Yes, certainly - though you were on our bloglist already:)

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