Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dream Weapons present: OBSERVANCE C60

Observance is actually our 150th mix (yay) ever, but it seems I'm not really in a much of a celeboratory mood. Time to get somewhat serious again. I always find it easier to describe my inner imagined scenery rather than the actual musical content. A remembrance or maybe a burial is how I picture this. More like a modern version of a boat set on fire and set adrift than a «regular funeral» though. A darkly tinted meditation contemplating a closure, an ending or loss. But my ideal soundtrack to a customary practice, rite, or ceremony is not devoid of light - or life. -Moahaha

1 Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Etrurian Waltz
2 Klaus Morlock - Opening Titles/Forest Chase
3 Mac Prindy - Eliza 1
4 Iraklis - Magiki Apoklisi - Chor
5 Trembling Strain - What The Bird Told Me
6 J.A. Caesar - 鏡の国のスパイ (The Mysterious Mandarin)
7 Daniele Sepe - Auschwitz

8 Pierre Bastien - Never Even
9 Takami - Anata wa Iu
10 Ryo Kawasaki - Tane's Dream Part 2
11 Blacklight Braille - The Fountain Falling From The Ace Of Cups
12 Sebastian Gandera - Les Sanglots Du Locataire
13 Philip Sanderson - Weird & Gilly Ride Again
14 Ensemble Economique - I Can See the Light, The Edge of Forever
15 Hills - Claras Vaggvisa

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  1. Wow this is beautiful! Thanks a bunch once again for the hard work and share

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for listening Alex!

  2. Just discovered your blog, and, wow, what a wonderful rabbit hole. This is the third mix I've listened to today, all superb. Gonna be spending a lot of time here.

    1. Glad you found us peke k! As you enjoyed the first three you listened to - I'd say there's a good chance you'll enjoy quite a lot here.