Saturday, December 5, 2020

Dream Weapons present: THE WILD ONES C60

This time I wanted to compile the ultimate soundtrack for a non-existing B-movie. Let's say its an unnecessarily violent, mildly entertaining Bonnie & Clydeish cash-in flick with a killer score and a moderately large cult following. Something like that.

-Gorgeous themes, groovin’ tunes, hip chansons, soul bangers, occult psych, far out exotica… its got a little bit of everything. And the action seemingly takes place on several continents. Yeah this one was mostly put together to entertain myself - and you. It almost qualifies as a "party mix" -Moahaha

1 Codreanu Maria Petrovna/ Мария Кодриану - У одиноких тополей
2 Aut'Chose - Une Saison En Enfer
3 Thomas Elerth - Beatin’ It
4 A Gethsémani - Primavera Cha Cha
5 Puccio Roelens - Leewards
6 Soul Brothers Inc. - I Don't Think We Are Going Back Again
7 Rino De Filippi - Calcolatore Elettronico
8 Sophie's Dream - Walpurgis
9 Afro-Blues Quintet Plus One - Victims Of Change

10 Idris Muhammad - New Orleans
11 Orquestra CBD - Tema da Zorra
12 Nahid Akhtar - Saturday Night
13 Maurice Jarre - Roxanne
14 Yma Sumac - Sansa
15 Spectre - Elephant, Mosquito
16 Barney Wilen - Zombizar Reloaded
17 Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Taboo

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