Friday, November 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: REMONTANT C60

Seems we’ve all withered away for the most of this year and everyone's in need of a reblooming. But spring is nowhere near and all we can do is dream.

-So let your mind wander whilst listening to this bouquet of twenty reascended tunes from when the world was young. Visit our planet’s past ports and harbours, dance and drink your way through ballrooms, jazz clubs, saloons, opium dens, bars and castles. Make a stop in some small countryside village and smell its fresh, unpolluted air. Highbrow, lowbrow, in tears or laughter - a tragedy or a comedy. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re free -Moahaha

1 Julie Joy - Podes Voltar
2 The Mena Moeria Minstrels - South Sea Breeze
3 Luis Carbonell - Así Es Mi Suelo Cubano
4 Alfred Newman & Ken Darby - Whispering Wind
5 Stu Phillips & His Orchestra - Tropical Summer
6 Nora Ney - Meu Lamento
7 Bola Sete & Therezinha Bittencourt - Mulher Rendeira
8 Sonny Lester - Daughter of The Nile
9 Diahann Carroll - Love Is Just a Word
10 Linda Lawson - Never Like This

11 Werner Müller And His Orchestra - The Banquet
12 Kondo Keiko - Bulan Dagoan
13 Black Cats - Mikansei Rockambo
14 Buddy Sarkissian And His Mecca Four With Fred Elias - Desert Moods
15 Sudha Malhotra - Mere Nadeem Mere Hamsafar
16 Pratima Banerjee - Fande Poria Bhoga Kanda
17 Ara Bartevian Orchestra (feat. Kevork Yanbekian Folk Band) - Grounk
18 Kay Starr - Two Brothers
19 Cantadores di Palmira / Lina Huarte - El Asombro de Damasco: "Por esta noche"
20 Verlye Mills - Autumn Leaves

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  1. Thanks again!
    different and beautiful music as always!

    1. Thank you for listening, Il Commendatore! Glad you're enjoying it