Friday, November 6, 2020

Dream Weapons present: HYPNOTEQUE C60

November the 5th 2015 Sadhu Sadhu & Prabha Devi posted their very first DWp-mix! The five pointed pentagram inside a pentagon (within the circle) on the cover symbolizes Dream Weapons present first five years of existence. Obviously.

-Joining forces for a second time, since the previous Polyhymnia, Moahaha and I dive into the mystical tapestry of occult whispers. Illuminating dark corners, sprinkling dust in quiet antechambers, these songs are mean't to be enjoyed in the stark, bone cold of winter. Imagine the songs themselves conjuring a little spooky warmth in the coming blackness -Prabha Devi

1 Carmen Maki - Kamome 歌-かもめ ♌︎
2 Les Hou-Lops aka Les Tetes Blanches - Ebb Tide  ☾︎
3 Valdemir - Fallen Star ♌︎
4 Svitlana Nianio - Koło Lasu  ☾︎
5 Nilson - Down in the Garden ♌︎
6 招き猫カゲキ団 - 幻夜  ☾︎
7 Trio Marenich / Трио Маренич - Nese Galya Vodu / Несе Галя воду ☾︎
8 Frank Pahl & Klimperei - Melon Sorbet ♌︎

9 Clara Nunes - Canseira  ☾︎
10 Gary 'Spider' Webb - The Cave (Part II) ♌︎
11 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel ♌︎
12 Claire Hamill - Awaken (Larkrise) ♌︎
13 Enip Sukanda - Jipang Lontang & Beber Layar ☾︎
14 Fin-Int - Jouten ♌︎
15 Waldo de Los Ríos - Amaneces Sin Evelyn  ☾︎
16 Michel Colombier - For Those Who Cannot Hear ♌︎
17 Word of Mouth Chorus - Windham ♌︎
18 Księżyc - Mijana  ☾︎

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  1. Hello, I have added you to my blog list, I was wondering if you'd do the same if you like what you see? I post obscure extreme music - noise, folk, metal, ambience.Thanks - Tristan

    1. Hey Tristan, thanks for the add - we added you back. Natually. I have no idea if I'll like what I saw over at your place just yet, but it certainly looks more than both unique and obscure enough.

  2. Replies
    1. Is the winter as dark where you are as it is where we are? It can be if you listen to the mix anyway!

      Happy tuning in!

    2. Hi. The Sun is tilting more and more toward the horizon hereabouts in the Southern US. Fingers-crossed that it changes course at some point. Hearing good reports about December 21, 2020. We'll see. :)

  3. This one didn't hit me quite right at first, but it's slowly grown into a favorite! 🖤

    1. Glad it's grown on you, PlagueDream! A weird collection of tunes that don't share much common ground I suppose, but we thought it kind of worked:)