Friday, October 30, 2020

Dream Weapons present: IT WELCOMES YOU C90

The three-day observance of Allhallowtide is upon us - which felt like the perfect excuse to locate and ever so slightly rework/improve my pre-dream weapons «horrorscore-mix». It was a pleasantly unpleasant revisitation containing one dark or dimly lit gem after the other. I think you might enjoy it too. Back in 2015 I wrote:

-I went for scores with a Fabio Frizzi/John Carpenter/Goblin sort of synthified keyboard driven approach but (largely) avoided all those themes «everyone» already knows - such as Suspiria, (the original) Halloween, The Beyond etc. There's probably just as much melancholic beauty as there is dark electrofunk here. Some of you are probably familiar with a few of these tunes already - but you never heard them presented like this -Moahaahaahaaaaa…!

1 Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave - Mineshaft Chase
-Phantasm, 1979
2 Fabio Frizzi - Baby Sequenza 1
-Manhattan Baby, 1982
3 Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera - 7 Note (Film Version)
-Sette Note in Nero, 1977
4 Francesco De Masi - House In The Park
-Seven Hyden Park: La Casa Maledetta, 1985
5 Colin Towns - Full Circle (Everything's Right Now)
Full Circle: The Haunting of Julia, 1977
6 Walter Rizzati & Franco De Gemini – I Remember
-The House By The Cemetery (Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero), 1981
7 Gary Scott – Main Title
-Final Exam, 1981
8 John Scott – Virus
Inseminoid, 1981
9 Alessandro Alessandroni – Seq. 6
-Killer Nun, 1977
10 Giuliano Sorgini - Manchester M2 6LD
-The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, 1974
11 Susan Justin - End Title Theme
-Forbidden World, 1982
12 Stelvio Cipriani - Main Titles
-Un' Ombra Nell' Ombra, 1979
13 Claudio Simonetti – Nichola's Death
-You'll Die At Midnight, 1986
14 Ralph Jones – End Titles
-The Slumber Party Massacre, 1982
15 Jay Chattaway - Maniac's Theme
-Maniac, 1980
16 Andrzej Korzynski - The Man With The Pink Socks
-Possession, 1981
17 Amedeo Tommasi - Pendolo Mortale
-Thomas, 1970

18 Richard Einhorn – The Light
-Shock Waves, 1977
19 Ennio Morricone - Copkiller
-Copkiller, 1983
20 Jonathan Elias – Main Title
-Children Of The Corn, 1984
21 I Libra – The Shock
-Schock, 1977
22 Nico Fidenco – Waiting For the Cannibals
-Emanuelle e Gli Ultimi Cannibali, 1977
23 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Chariots Of Pumpkins
-Halloween III, 1982
24 Stefano Mainetti - Zombi 3 (Sequence 8)
-Zombi 3, 1988
25 Armando Trovajoli - The Killer Is Round the Parking
-Mystère, 1983
26 John Harrison – The Creepshow Welcomes You
Creepshow, 1982
27 Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda
-La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo, 1978
28 Alessandro Blonksteiner – Target-Firing
-Cannibal Apocalypse, 1980
29 Synthe Sound Trax Corp - The Boogeyman Man Version 2
-The Boogey Man, 1980
30 Denny Zeitlin - Infiltration (Suite)
-Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, 1978
31 Pino Donaggio – Karen's Nightmare
-The Howling, 1980
32 Brian May – Hot & Ready
-Turkey Shot, 1982
33 Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox Theme
-Cannibal Ferox, 1981

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…Oh, the title is inspired by The Creepshow Welcomes You (opening titles) in combination with the modern day classic It Follows. The thought of a something evil that appears welcoming at first was sort of chilling.


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    1. You're welcome & It welcomes you, Il Commendatore!

  2. Veeeeery Spoooooopy thank you. BOO!

  3. Hi!
    Did you actually produce tapes and do you send/sell them?
    If not do I have your permission to put it on tape and print that wonderful cover? It makes me think of a friend and I'd like to make him a gift.

    1. Hi Animal Sweatshirt,

      We've (or rather Sadhu Sadhu) have only made actual tapes of about half of these for personal use/enjoyment - as in one or two unque copies. You'd certainly have my permission and I'd be delighted if you put it on tape/print the cover.