Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dream Weapons present: MONDE À PART C60

Its been quite some time since I last unleashed a multifarious around-the-globe-in-an-hour song&dance-ride* upon our listeners. Soo... I guess its time for another sprawling collection of finely aged melodies that you’ve never ever heard before - originating from somewhere either east or south of… me. My semipretentious Godard-paraphrasing title aside, I really just hope my selection of songs will lift your spirits -Moahaha 

1 Salwa - Tcharrafna
2 Elisabeth Waldo - Balsa Boat
3 Khurmo Shirinova - Didam Ingori - Дидам Ингори Худро
4 The Silvery Boys - O Amanhecer
5 Taroub - Wahawi Ya Wahawi وحوي يا وحوي
6 Suns of Arqa - World Peace A.D.?
7 Farida Parveen - Pakhi Kakhan Ure Jay
8 Ade Suparman - Marudah

9 Lilis Suryani - Tobt Gusti
10 Rita Rose - Mozo Dhir Adar
11 Giacomo Dell'Orso  - Sud-Est Asiatico
12 Toubabou - Mon Tambour
13 Naif Agby & His Orchestra - Aine El Kahla
14 Exotic Oriental Dances - Om Hasan  ام حسن
15 Sumitra Sen - Aaji Jharer Raate Tomar Abhisaar
16 Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak -  Floor Work
17 Göygöl Ensemble with Şahnaz Haşımova - Низами Душунжэлэри (Думы О Низами)

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* similarely themed earlier ones (but most mixes tagged with "world" are somewhat related): Sun Moon Stars, Earth’s Orbit, A Traveller’s Tale, Faraway Dances and One Last Dance


  1. This is a lovely little collection, especially the first track. Gonna check out other world-wide collections up here. Cheers!

    1. Thanks! Yes its a lovely little opener, isn't it... I forgot to add links to those earlier collections I was thinking about primarily so I fixed that now... but maybe you'd enjoy "Women of the World, Take Over!" more as it has a lot of sweet songs.