Monday, May 29, 2017

Dream weapons present: FARAWAY DANCES C90

It may not be far away from where you’re situated but its far away from my point of view. I could claim that here's my "Intercontinental Trip Through Sound» or something like that. Which of course means: a bunch of tunes from all over the place that has no real relation to each other. Anyway here's ninety minutes of old and new favorites mainly originating either from somewhere on the African continent or the middle-and far eastern parts of Asia.

Summer seems to have arrived and this is very much a «world party» mix of sorts, so I deem it fit to round off joining in on the call from the syrian banger Qoum Ya Nadim - or in english Get up, drinking companion!

- Moahaha

1. Papa Chango - Nightmares on Sax
2. Al Massirieen - Mafatshi Leh
3. Zein Al-Jundi - Qoum Ya Nadim
4. Akalé Wubé - Ashewa
5. The Gomidas Band - Voch Me Dzaleeg
6. Artie Barsamian - Beloved (Siroohis)
7. The Company - Sad Times, Bad Times
8. Krontjong Ensemble Pantja Warna - Krontjong Moritsku
9. Elvy Sukaesih / Orkes Melayu Omega - Badai Asmara
10. Michael Hartophilis & Nick Rassias - Nebile
11. Baligh Hamdi - Esmaouny (Hear Me)
12. Nadia Hakim & Folk Ensemble - Zarzis

13. Salwa Abou Greisha / Mahmoud Fadl - We Daret El Ayam (Moahaha "mix")
14. Homayun Sakhi - Zuhal's Song
15. Orkes Melayu Anari - Hanya Untukmu
16. Miriam Makeba - Liwa Wechi
17. Letta Mbulu - Afro Texas
18. Dérobé Dance Band - Gogoplata
19. Nour El Houda - Ala Oum Almanadiili
20. Fairuz - Âal Hada... Machyet Habibi
21. Charanjit Singh - Chura Liya Hai Tum Ne
22. Noor Jehan - Ik Ik Shai Channan
23. Port of Suez - Stardust at Dawn

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  1. Thank you! Excellent art AND music! Much appreciated

  2. I'm glad to hear LeuNatic - thank you on both accounts!

  3. We started listening to this mix while folding clothes and then we just sat on the ground crying the whole night out of beauty and gratitude.

  4. Dear Michael Thomas Taren Lord Kreiden and whomever you were folding clothes/crying together with: this went straight to my heart. Thanks for letting me know.