Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dream weapons present: ELSEWHERE C90

- Close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside yourself and let your mind go (Tom Araya). A nonlinear trip with every new tune gently carrying you a little further elsewhere - which happens to be the place my mind is usually at these days.

- Moahaha

1. Scotty Mckay - Black Cat
2. Alida Chelli - La Dedico
3. Maki Asakawa - Ima Nara
4. Victor Clinton Clinton-Baddeley - And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time by William Blake
5. Paul Roland - Requiem
6. André Hossein - Générique (Le Vampire De Dusseldorf)
7. Alan James Eastwood - Lotus Child
8. The Spoils Of War - Violets
9. Peter Wyngarde - April
10. The Michael Coldin Septet - My Reverie
11. Slim Gaillard - Travelin’ Blues
12. The Katzenjammers - Port of Spain
13. Dia Prometido - Patrulla Cosaca
14. The Harmonia /гармонія - Always in This World of Ours / Всегда есть во свете
15. Banda de Cornetas y Tambores Ntra. Sra. del Rosario de Brenes - Himno Cofrade
16. Henry Jacobs - Chan
17. Via Talas - Èarobnjaci Ulice

18. Los Paranos - Le Sureau
19. Elias Rahbani - Do You Remember
20. Jac Berrocal - Seltsame Brucke
21. François De Roubaix - Le Rital
22. Francesco De Masi - Tomorrow is a Foreign Land
23. Gianni Fallabrino - Sognando
24. Nat Adderley Sextet - Krukma
25. Jeremy Steig - Gale
26. Jacques Henry Lévesque - Chanson d'Automme (Paul Verlaine)
27. Cair Paravel - Summers End
28. Quarteto Cedrón - Mi Buenos Aires Querido
29. April Stevens - Soft Warm Lips
30. Zdenek Liska - Jabberwocky  (excerpt)
31. Shorty Petterstein - Things That Go Bang in My Head
32. Woodoo - Hautahymni
33. Merit Hemmingson och Beppe Wolgers - Välsignelsen / Friden / Gammal Psalm Från Ljura / Avslutning



  1. I love this Blog.
    An amazing spectrum of music.
    Yamasuki 667

  2. Thank you Brin Yamasuki 667. Always happy to hear from our visitors that-or if our mixes of beloved treasures and recent discoveries are appreciated.

  3. This one's incredible ! Thanks for the discoveries

  4. Thank you Unknown - and you're welcome

  5. Hi, love your mixes. Thank you. I started a mixtape blog too, check it out please!

  6. Thanks Bill! Panacher is now added to our blogroll. The tunes I already know on your 28 mixes (in less than six months!) looks mighty promising in regards to the stuff I don't know. I will most definitely check them out.

  7. Replies
    1. Reet McVouty's mell-o-roon-ee vout-o-reen-ee