Monday, September 26, 2022

Dream Weapons present: THE HUMMINGBIRDS C60

Outside my window its all grey and the rain is pouring down. I find myself in need of a mindtrip with a summerly sort of vibe. Which is exactly what I’m offering you all as well. 

-The Americas is the natural habitat of the hummingbird and Latin America is primarily where they live. Much like my similarly themed: La Flor De Sur and Southwards before, I’ve collected a dozen sweet old songs and almost as many (dance) tunes - either originating from, or inspired by musical traditions from  somewhere south of Miami. Or maybe south of Key West. Once again prepare yourself for melodramatic voices, great melodies, infectious rhythms and much beauty! -Moahaha

1 Magdalena Castro - Tenias Que Marcharte
2 Unknown/Caribbean Rhythms - A Colombian Pasillo
3 Noite Ilustrada - Nada Me Embaraça
4 Ritmo Natural - Bolero Natural 2
5 Onilda Figueiredo - Duas Cruzes
6 Les Shleu Shleu - Compas X
7 Claudia Moreno - Ronda
8 Hermanas Serrano - Casanova
9 Hank Levine - Swingin' Village
10 Antonio Maciel - Zacamandu

11 Preston Epps - Bongos in Paradise
12 Maria Creuza - Apelo
13 Johnny Spencer and the Kona Koasters - s' Pacifica
14 Royal Hemmingways - Suena Con Esta Noche
15 The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Beyond the Reef
16 Quinteto Ternura - Ele e Ela
17 Trio Irakitan - Ave Maria No Morro
18 Daniela Casa - Aconcagua
19 Iwalani Kamahele & Charles Miller - E Maliu Mai
20 Arsenio Rodriguez - Mona

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