Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dream Weapons present: EARTHDUST ONE C90 + ASTRAL LOUNGE C90 (Radio AlHara-revisitation 4 and 3)

Earthdust One will broadcast at the wonderful Radio AlHara tomorrow, thursday at 7:00 PM Betlehem time.  I was never 100% pleased with the opening track (As an introductory song. I do like it), so for this version I've scrapped it. Earthdust One now opens with: 1 Mario Migliardi - Tema di Andromeda... (over My Love Hath Vow'd). Other than that it's identical,  just a little "remastered". Still I think a download link to this new version is in its place:

-My first ever mix for Dream Weapons from December 2015, was supposed to start off in gentlest way - while slowly metamorphosing into unnerving darkness over 90 minutes. But fortunately for the listener that plan didn't really work for me. So I started blending a few dark, chilly moods in between the warm and comforting tunes and vice versa - instead. Much better. Folk, avantgarde, soul, enka, surf, jazz… almost every new song introduces a radically different style of music, but I dare say it’s quite an enjoyable ride -Moahaha  

Here's the link to the original post: Earthdust One (2015)

...and two weeks ago, this "oldie" was broadcast (sorry, yes I know been busy and this is all a little messy. But it deserves a visit/revisit).

A sweet Spiritual Jazz mix by Sadhu Sadhu (2015)

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