Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dream Weapons present: ASTRAL LOUNGE C90

"Spiritual Jazz" mix by Sadhu Sadhu

Theme - Philp Cohran and Legacy
Look At Teyonda - Eddie Gale
Transcendental March (Creation Song) - Brother Ah
The Almoravid - Joe Chambers
Kete - Dane Belany
To My Family - Doug Hammond
The Minstrel - Philip Cohran
Spiritual Eternal - Alice Coltrane
Ensenada - Bennie Maupin
Merciful - Wendell Harrison
Paradise - Sun Ra and the Arkestra
Sekou - Brother Ah & The Sounds Of Awareness
Spiritual Awakening - Eddie Henderson
Is It Too late - Duke Edwards
Praise Innocence - Michael White

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  1. Personally, I really think this comp is very nice!!! I´m a big fan of Kosmik Groove & Spiritual Jazz, so i hope this comment is nice enough to inspire you for more Kosmik delights... would be nice... ;-)

    1. Hey. Didn't notice this comment until today. But I think you've gotten your wish a couple of times? -Moahaha

  2. hello. really fantastic tape! thank you so much for this 90 minutes drift...
    just a note: I believe the 2nd track's correct title is "Look At Teyonda"