Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dream Weapons present: LA MIRAGE C80(?) by Alex Zhang Hungtai

Our next guestmix is by Alex Zhang Hungtai of Last Lizard and previously, the now defunct Dirty Beaches. Alex is a music obsessed wanderer who splits his time between Taiwan, Toronto, LA and previously Berlin, Lisbon, Montreal. His musical tastes, much like his movie-tastes are well researched and always offer a surprise or two.


A concoction of songs about the overlapping characteristics of illusion, romance, and the manifestation of dreams, past, present and future.

Los Angeles, Dec 27th, 2015

-Alex Zhang Hungtai


The Flesh Order - DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield

B2 - Beato
Corn Flakes - Camaro's Gang
Baby Come On - James Otis White jr
Intrique - Together Forever
Warp - New Musik
New York Eyes - Nicole


Close to You - Barbara York
No More Christmas Blues - Alan Vega
Untitled ( B1 ) - Florian Kupfer
Woman is The Devil - Levon Vincent
Nite Jam - Xosar
La fille qui rit - Première Classe

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