Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dream Weapons present: ANTISEPTICALLY CLEAN C90 by Dave W

This guestmix was made by Dave from the New York space-rockers White Hills. A regular face on the touring routes all over the world, he has amassed an impressive record collection over the years and is treating us to a peek inside his head

"From the time I was in high school I've always cherished making cassette mixes for friends. It was a way to turn friends on to music I'm into, and create something special and meaningful for them. When Dream Weapons asked if I'd be interested in putting a mix together for them, it was a no brainer,  With this mix I present to the listener a C90 look into my record collection. Most of the tracks I  digitized myself. Some of the names may be familiar (i.e. James T. Pursey otherwise known as Jimmy Pursey from Sham69 and Brian Brain aka Martin Atkins from PiL) but seen in a different light from the work they are known for. Hopefully there's a track or two you've never heard before in which  turns you on to a new artist and causes you to seek out their output in a way that supports their art. In the end that is the point of these things, isn't it? So, sit back and enjoy the ebb and flow…"

-Dave W


Lacuna - Terminal Lovers
Game Is My Middle Name - Betty Davis
His Rest - Wovenhand
Was ist ist - Einsturzende Neubauten
Fit To Survive - Singers & Players
Money Is Not Our God - Killing Joke
On Invite Only - James T. Pursey
Tommy Gun Angel - Bardo Pond
Night After Night - Ike Yard
Mein System kennt keine Grenzen - Blumfeld
Laughing - Babs


I Adore You - Queen Adreena
The Asthma Game - Brian Brain
Nadir's Big Chance - Peter Hammill
Complete and Utter - The Wolfgang Press
Dark Companion -  Tuxedomoon
Love Song - Simple Minds
Elephant Man - Bo Diddley
Wolf - Cuddly Toys
Performance - Tones On Tail
The Big Fix - Thee Hypnotics
Theme - Tarwater
The Dream Belongs To Me - Tim Buckley
Lie Down And Die - UK Subs

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