Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dream Weapons present: PATHS OF SOFT LIGHT C60

"Paths of Soft Light is a mix of relatively mellow vibes mean't to instil the feeling of happiness and sorrow in equal measure. From the sparse beginnings to the more elaborate ending, it's mean't as a one-listen mix and can very well be put on as background music if needs be.
A mystical worship tape." -Prabha Devi


A Very Gentle Force - Siddha
Space Plane - David McNeil
Ocean Song - Bob Smith
Visions of Light - Micheal P. Ginnins
Another Day Goes Down - Bill Jerpe
Dreammaker - Les Baroques
Tip Sicodelico - The Dhag Dhag's
Loving, Sacred Loving - The End
Sans Çocugu - Apaslar


Soul Sitar - Sohail Rana
The Trip - Kim Foley
Giorgina - Marc Aryan
Angel of Sin - Charlotte Walters
Hélicoptère - Mireille Darc
L'Amour A Plusieurs - Ann Sorel
Mary Jane - The Baroques
Always You - The Sundowners
Umbrellas - The Free Design
Notre-Derniere-Colonie-est-une-ile - Julie Saget

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