Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dream Weapons present: SEVEN DAEMONS C90

"The definite seasonal downer mix" by Prabha Devi

Sky Burial - Dean McPhee
Suncatcher - Flying Saucer Attack
A Slight Grip, a Gentle Hold (Pt. 1) - Ian William Craig
49 Cigars - Nick Nicely
Trippin' Out In Regents Park, Don't Forget Your Umbrella - The Phantom Payn
Swerves - Francis
Half Light - Koen Holtkamp
Stars in Heaven - Comfortable Chair
Poetry - Roedelius
Primitive London 1 - Basil Kirchin
Slow Flute Beat - Piero Piccioni
Image - Brian Bennett
Eighteen Is Over The Hill - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Matelot - The Renegades
RThere's no blood in bone - Spell
Psyche I & Share Your Water - These Trails
The Drugs In Your Veins - Bain Wolfkind
Bialero - Sonny Sharrock
Träume - Emtidi
Homemade Mountains - Christina Vantzou
Part I Nestor's Saga - John Surman
Cold Nose Story - Sensations' Fix
The Hermit - Art Bears
Sycamore Trees - Jimmy Scott

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