Monday, December 28, 2015

Dream Weapons present: EARTHDUST ONE C90 by Moahaha

Our first guest mix is here and its by none other than the great Moahaha. He has previously curated some of my personal all-time favorite mix tapes throughout the years, and its a great honor to have him as our first guest here at DW. I’ll leave the introduction of this absolute gem of a mix to the man himself:

“A mix for the new year starting with the gentlest wide eyed voices of love and humanity - slowly metamorphosing into unnerving darkness and fear in 90 minutes. That was my original intention for this mix. But it didn't really work until I started blending a few dark, chilly moods in between the warm and comforting tunes + vice versa. More like actual life I guess.”  

- Moahaha


1. Andreas Scholl – My Love Hath Vow'd
2. Victor Jara – Solo
3. Aaron Lightman – They Call Me Traveller (edit)
4. Brigadier General R. Pirngadie - Jen Ing Tawang Ana Lintang
5. Fumaca Preta – Perdidos (edit)
6. Kennelmus – Dancing Doris
7. Francois De Roubaix - Theme Du Film Les Levres Rouges
8. Keluhan Jiwa - Orkes Kelana Ria
9. The Chariots - Song of a Broken Heart
10. Darrow Fletcher – Now is the Time For Love Pt. 2
11. Caravelles – Liebe Kommt Und Geht
12. Yanti Bersaudara – Lampu Aladin
13. Morka – Dissassociation
14. Otis Waygood - Straight Ahead
15. Claudo Tallino – The End Pt. 2
16. Valentin Silvesterov – Bagatellen II


1. Kaija Saariaho – Six Japanese Gardens II
2. Yukiko Noji (野路由紀子) - 下町育ち
3. Atrium Musica de Madrid - Deuxième Hymne Delphique À Apollon
4. Dmitri Shostacovich - String Quartet No. 11, V. Humoreske: Allegro
5. Josephine Foster – Oh, Bright Eyed One
6. Mate & Vallancien - Sanza Sallée
7. Jack Hammer – Rebellion
8. Valdambrini Piana Quintet - Arabian Mood
9. Sonny Silver - Midnight in Kenya
10. Lee Hazlewood – The Nights
11. Jessica Sligter – Fear
12. Umberto - Jonbenét

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