Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dream Weapons present: ORIENT-TNEIRO c90

West mirroring east - east mirroring west - with musical influences going back and fourth featuring artist from both «worlds». There's an oriental jazz-vibe throughout but I've included everything from psychedelic ragarock-fusion or whatever-to slow 'n sensuous bellydance grooves. Unlike an Exotica-album your inner imagined landscapes won't be of the sea or the jungle, but the desert and the savannah.


1 George Abdo – Raks El Malek
2 Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani – Gece (The Night)
3 Rabih Abou-Khalil – An Evening With Jerry
4 Bengt Berger – Like Wind I Go
5 Eddie the Sheik Kochak – Asallia
6 Gus Vali & George Mgrdichian – Tsiiftetelli
7 Ahmed Abdul-Malik – Shoof Habebe
8 Abdo – Hela Hop (edit)
9 Andrea Centazzo – Ode to Nazim Hikmet

1 Renaud Garcia-Fons - Ghazali
2 Ömer Faruk Dertsiz - Hak Şerleri Hayreyler
3 Hijaz – Desert Dancer
4 The Dave Pike Set – Greater Kalesh No. 48
5 Yan Tregger – Calling Bombay
6 Van Shipley – Matwale Pal Yeh
7 Irene Schweizer Trio - Yaad
8 Francesco De Masi – In Nome di Maometto
9 Lard Free – In a Desert Alambic
10 Jacky Giordano – Tabla Minor
11 Big Jim Sullivan - LTTS

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  1. Can't wait to play this

    Might crack open some Said while I'm at it

    1. Yea, this one should be right up your alley mr. Enjoy!

  2. What HammerandNails said. Thank you so much for these uploads, guys!

  3. Thanks all three of you - its nice to know that our mixes are appreciated.

  4. Hey! I have been enjoying your mixes for a while. I started making mixes like you make mixes because I too remember the days of plentiful mixes. It's only three deep so far but they all count right?

  5. Hey! We're all cheering for a mixtape-renaissance and your three mixes is a great start! Just added you to our blogroll and look forward to check out 容赦, Withering Isles & Unworldly Beast!

  6. Hey Fogo! I don't know if you'll notice this but if you'd like visitors to comment on your mixtapes, I think requiring their email and name to do so isn't helping. I was going to write something underneath your latest mix (which I enjoyed), but would prefer leaving as little info (none really) as possible + its 30 seconds of unnecessarily hassle.

  7. Dear Moahaha,
    Do you realize that this Mix is exquisitely Compiled? We are confined, when listening, to wandering, just wandering around our house, hardly aware of the domestic subterfuge which appears, albeit only mildly, there. Thank you very much and an affectionate yet casual wave to the rest of the Dream Weapons Mix Masters,

    Yrs slinslerely,
    Da Bold Testament Toothtooth Team

    1. Dear all at Da Bold Testament Tooth Tooth Team,
      Besides wanting to promote largely unheard music - I think I can safely state that we all attempt to compile a whole of sorts that listeners can immerse themselves into. Truly a joy to read that a mix of mine can work that way for some. Thank you!


  8. After running this blog for just over a year now, this is the very first time we recive an affectionate (yet casual) wave. Thanks!

  9. I'm trying to turn off my inner monologue a bit more (I believe it's called "meditation") and your great mixes are helping. Thank you!

    1. Glad to be of help - I'm guessing some mixes work better than others. To effectively shut my inner monologue off I listen to the sound of wind blowing through the trees (well, I have a forest nearby).