Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dream Weapons Present: MURDEROUS GROOVES c120

Jazz can be and mean a great many different things - spiritual, intellectual, political, relaxing, painful... you name it. Its also potentially full of suspense, tension, action and horror which is why jazz has been used to a great extent in film noir, thrillers, crime, giallo, cop-movies to name a few genres. I don't know why film-makers abandoned the perfect soundpalette to go along with moving images in favour of pompous orchestral scores and seemingly random pop-songs, but I know that they shouldn't have.

There's much greatness hidden in mostly obscure soundtracks and even more obscure production/library records - and from countless hours of excellence I've compiled 2x60 minutes of tunes in all kinds of moods, approaches and genres really, but still pretty much jazz in one way or another.


At the Cinema

1 Giovanni Tommaso - Underground Number Seven  (Vivere a Tokio: Citta Del Paradiso)
2 Guy Pedersen - Chasse À L'homme  (Céleste)
3 The Chico Hamilton Quintet – Sidney's Theme  (The Sweet Smell of Success)
4 Orkest Ruud Bos - Dat Verhaal Van Jou  (Dat Verhaal Van Jou)
5 Stelvio Cipriani - Spiata  (La Morte Cammina Con i Tacchi Alti)
6 Pippo Caruso – Discosession  (L'occhio Dietro La Parete)
7 Fiorenzo Carpi - Pelle Di Luna  (Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale')
8 Ennio Morricone - Gatto a Nove Code  (Gatto a Nove Code)
9 Ziad Rahbani - Variation 2  (Bennesbeh Labokra...Chou?)
10 Stefano Liberati - Shark Jazz Band  (Pericolo Negli Abissi)
11 Aldo Buonocore - La Fine di Fanny  (Ciak Si Muore)
12 Barney Wilen - Poursuite et Metro  (Un Témoin Dans la Ville)
13 Raymond Le Sénéchal – Generique  (Chateau En Suede)
14 Art Blakey - No Hay Problema Pt. 2  (Les Liaisons Dangereuses)

In the Library

1 The Swingers – Stadio  (Jazz Video 4)
2 Michel Bernholc – Articulation  (Patchwork Orchestra 3)
3 Raymond Guiot – Primitive Spirit  (Musique En Vrac)
4 Keith Papworth – Wheel Man  (Metropolis)
5 Bruno Nicolai – Immaginativa  (Espressioni)
6 Ennio Morricone – Proposizioni  (April Orchestra Vol. 3)
7 Janko Nilovic – Flemish Suite  (Funky Tramway)
8 A.R Luciani – Epicratica  (Situazioni)
9 Camille Sauvage – Requiem Pour Satan  (Fantasmagories)
10 Luigi Zito – Movimento  (Miscellenea)
11 Pierre Arvay – Footing  (Cross Through Yesterday And Present Day)
12 Egisto Macchi – Stressing  (Neuro Tensivo)
13 Guy Pedersen – Bass-Tille  (Bass + Bass + Bass)
14 Alessandro Alessandroni – Introverso  (E Il Suo Complesso)
15 Luciano Simoncini – Interventisi  (Storia & Politica)
16 Fabio Fabor – Foule  (Infini)
17 Daniela Casa – Dittatura  (Societa' Malata)
18 Elvio Monti & Pelleus – Piscopatia  (Apprensioni)
19 Basil Kirchin & John Coleman – Paranoia  (Mind on the Run)