Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG c90

...and the road leads to nowhereis the first line sung in «Blow Your Brains Out», the opening song. But after a handful of seductive folk/pop-tunes followed closely by various southeast-asian grooves and the likes, overlapped by some avant-weirdness & doom-laden baroque - this road has actually lead you to the guillotine (dripping with the memories of the people it had seen) of The Excecutioner's Song

I think of this mix like a road movie in music – a road-horror movie perhaps. Open, adventurous, dreamlike and surreal for the first parts of the trip but true to the genre it takes a darker turn and ends in (bloody) tragedy.


1 David Alexander Hess - «Blow Your Brains Out»
2 Zerfas - The Piper
3 Ptarmigan - Go Dancing: Go Dancing
4 The Shangri-Las - Past, Present and Future
5 Maddy Prior & Tim Hart - Bring Us Good Ale
6 Jose Afonso - Era Um Redondo Vocabulo
7 Vasant Rai & Oregon - Autumn Song
8 Jeti & Dengan The Alfan - Mesra Di-Kenangan
9 Shusha - I Have Come To Ravish My Betrothed
10 Freddy Lindquist - Sharako
11 Walter Franco - Muito Todo
12 Chico Hamilton – El Moors

1 Jan Huydts Trio - 3x4
2 Sadja - Improvisation IV
3 Persona - Introducao / Monte
4 Darso - Teu Paraughuh
5 Stomu Yamash'ta - What A Way To Live in Modern Times (edit)
6 Vittorio Gelmetti - Collage
7 Magdalith - Jubilate Du Deuxierne Dimanche Apres Epiphanie
8 Romanesca - Musketeer's March (Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber)
9 Dingle Yandell & Les Inventions - What Power Art Thou (Henry Purcell)
10 National Philharmonic Orchestra – Sarabande-Duel (George Friedrich Handel)
11 Les Cris de Paris & Geoffroy Jourdain - Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S'eveille
12 Giacinto Scelsi - Ave Maria
13 Gary Scott - The Executioner's Song

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