Friday, March 15, 2019

Dream Weapons present: THE SYNTHETIC CHRYSALIS C60

For the first time in ages we proudly present: a guest mix! As you’ll hear and see our friend MVM has his own distinct voice and esthetics - but still somehow fits in perfectly:
-I have always been drawn to music in films, and especially the not-so-great ones; Primarily from the early to mid-eighties, which are often synth-laden. The music has this great organic quality. “The Synthetic Chrysalis”, as the name suggests, tries to encapsulate that (though not synth-oriented). And as the life from a chrysalis to a butterfly slowly evolves, this mix follows the same path. The sculpture on the cover is by the late great Ken Price - a favorite artist of mine for a long time -MVM


Marc Barreca - Community Life
Doxa Sinistra -  The Other Stranger
Diseño Corbusier - Meta Metalic
Amedeo Tommasi: Calma Apparente
James Dashow - Sequenza Bosco - Fuga (Theme From "Oedipus Orca»)
Klaus Weiss - Into The Wind
Demolition Group - You Better Stay Alive


Zazou-Nodland-Lema - Stranger in the New Light
Izzanelli & Samy Wathson - Givre Astral
Anton Ignorant - Banal
Ströer Duo - Vietnam
Yoran - Montparnasse
Lena Platonos - Erotes to Kalokairi (loves in the summer)
Williams Grossart - Morning Dew
Rexy - Running Out Of Time



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