Friday, March 15, 2019

Dream Weapons present: THE SYNTHETIC CHRYSALIS C60 by MVM

For the first time in ages we proudly present: a guest mix! As you’ll hear and see our friend MVM has his own distinct voice and esthetics - but still somehow fits in perfectly:
-I have always been drawn to music in films, and especially the not-so-great ones; Primarily from the early to mid-eighties, which are often synth-laden. The music has this great organic quality. “The Synthetic Chrysalis”, as the name suggests, tries to encapsulate that (though not synth-oriented). And as the life from a chrysalis to a butterfly slowly evolves, this mix follows the same path. The sculpture on the cover is by the late great Ken Price - a favorite artist of mine for a long time -MVM


Marc Barreca - Community Life
Doxa Sinistra -  The Other Stranger
Diseño Corbusier - Meta Metalic
Amedeo Tommasi: Calma Apparente
James Dashow - Sequenza Bosco - Fuga (Theme From "Oedipus Orca»)
Klaus Weiss - Into The Wind
Demolition Group - You Better Stay Alive


Zazou-Nodland-Lema - Stranger in the New Light
Izzanelli & Samy Wathson - Givre Astral
Anton Ignorant - Banal
Ströer Duo - Vietnam
Yoran - Montparnasse
Lena Platonos - Erotes to Kalokairi (loves in the summer)
Williams Grossart - Morning Dew
Rexy - Running Out Of Time



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    1. So do I! Glad to hear from you and that you're still checking out out our shares.

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    1. Thanks Bill - there'll be a few more MVM-mixes throughout 2019.

  3. Wow. I have just discovered your incredible blog, great compilations - please, please, please keep up the good work. I thought the days of discovering blogs like this on the internet were long over, and all your links are still live which is an outstanding effort. Bravo!

    1. Thanks! Much appreciated... and don't worry were not about to quit.