Thursday, May 18, 2023

Added streaming options

Update: the Spatial Jazz is blocked. Unlike Mixcloud and Hearthis, Audius isn't really meant for mixes. Hearthis has a weekly upload limit, so I can't just lump them all there. All these complications are frustrating, but as long as our mixtapes are available in some kind of format, I'm relatively "happy".

Hello fellow music lovers. Not a big deal but perhaps worth a post just to let you know. Some of you (or maybe none) might have noticed that I've later added a player for Northern Songs. As I have forgotten my reasons for not adding streaming options every time I've shared a reworking of these originally decade old pre-DWp-mixtapes of mine, I decided to do something about it. I know some of you prefer streaming, and it can of course be very practical.

I've not decided yet whether to add stream-options for the compilations I've made purely for one single artist. Does any of you want - or need the three Fairuz C90's, the Sabah, Marie Laforêt and Cab Calloway-collections I've posted here as streams - or are you good with the mp3's you got?

These are the four old mixes that were missing a streaming option, with links to the original post if you press the title: 

A Song in the Blood re-uploaded!

  Dying Breed 

 Little Black Bag

 Spatial Jazz


  1. Thank you for Spatial Jazz, especially! I stream your mixes at work, but I can't download the mp3s there.