Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dream Weapons Present: DYING BREED C90

As it will take a little over a week from today till our next 20ft Radio special will broadcast, I decided I'd brush up on an almost eight year old C90 that was originally intended for सølγ שаябlɛş (which was shut down while I was on my finishing stages compiling this). A few of you may know this already - but here it is again, as an mp3 "special offer" for our blog-followers exclusively:
(Past Times Tunes For the End Times - Soothing Sounds of Shellac vol. II)

  We all know mankind had its chance and blew it. But as far as I know we did create the greatest music in the universe, and that almost makes up for all the evil and stupidity. Here’s a little time capsule documenting a slice of musical expressions on planet earth from the early to mid 20th century. The sound of imaginary 78’s spinning should provide for some comfort and warmth while you prepare yourself for the very end. Enjoy! -Moahaha, December 2011 

-it seems I've always had a tendency to try and make you think about the four horsemen of the apocalypse while listening to my nice collections of vintage tunes.

1.   Khemchand Prakash - Dance Music (Death Dance) 1949 India
2.   Noor Jehan – Umangaen Dil Ke Machli 1947 India
3.   Trio Lescano – Tulilem Blem Blu 1937 Italy
4.   Zarah Leander - Jag Står I Regnet 1937 Sweden
5.   Sidney Bechet - Dear Old Southland 1940 New Orleans
6.   Valaida Snow – Chloe 1937 USA
7.   Fats Waller - Dry Bones 1940 USA
8.   Red Ingle’s Unnatural Seven – Serutan Yob 1948 USA
9.   Eartha Kitt - Callete (Caliente) 1950 USA
10.  Geeta Dutt - Suno Guzar Kya Gaye 1951India
11.  Orchestre Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Cocktail 19xx Egypt
12.  Hermanas Padilla – Relempago 19xx Mexico
13.  Niño De Marchena - Tu Levantas el Vuelo 19xx Spain
14.  Radio Beograda - Ajde Jano 19xx Serbia

1.   unknown/Chassidic - Broigez Tanz 19xx Yiddish
2.   Žikva Nemeček & Kolo – Ej Sto Cu Nane 19xx Croatia
3.   unknown – Ezperanza 19xx Phillippines
4.   Wu Yingyin - Ye Ying Qu (The Tune Of Nightingales) 1940’s China
5.   Noriko Awaya – Dona Marriquita 1935 Japan
6.   Sofia Vembo - Panta Mazi (Always Together) 1951? Greece
7.   Marek Weber - Sündig Und Süss 1928 Germany
8.   Adam Wysocki - Tamara 1938 Poland
9.   Crazy Kiddies Orchestra - Rumba Fiesta 1931? Poland
10.  Bing Crosby & Bix Beiderbecke - Ain't No Sweet Man 1928 USA
11.  Norma Bruni – Ti Lascio Un Fior 1940 Italy
12.  Lucy Isabelle Marsh - Pale Moon 1910 USA
13.  unknown - Kalocsai Körtánc 19xx Hungary
14.  Ahlem -  Al Sheb Al Asma (Tall Dark and Handsome) 19xx Arabic
15.  Eghin Havasi - Kemany Minas 1925 Turkey

Here / Here 

Btw1: A few of these songs aren't as obscure and unheard as they once were. 
Btw2: I remember that Žikva Nemeček song were among a bunch of old tunes that were suppposedly ripped from 78's, but it doesn't sound 70 years+ old. And there's a couple more I never located the recording date for.
Btw3: While re-editing I messed up the tracklist a little bit on the B-side. But as I've said before: hey its for free! 


  1. Yes! Thank you. I loved your C90 for HW and still slap it on frequently. What's the deal with Owl? I assume s/he must be lurking somewhere on this big old internet, outside the range of casual fans like me. I wish they'd rise again. I'll bide my time until then with this. :)

    1. Thanks to you too Waxpeddler. I made two C90's actually (Dark Sweets & There is Death in the Pot). Anyway; Holy Warbles meant a lot to so many - myself included, but I'm not exactly sure what the deal is/was. I sure hope OvO's doing well though. Me I just do this as a way of life - as part of who I am.

  2. You're our top referrer this week (to Any idea why?

    1. I have no idea. I wasn't even aware's existence. Nice blog anyway.

    2. The सølγ שаябlɛş link in the post leads to said site, fwiw.

    3. Right - thanks! I should have figured that.

  3. That's it- thanks to you both. Nice blog Moahaha