Tuesday, August 13, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: ONCE UPON NOW!!!!! C60


Spiritual world jazz poetry grooves, some eastern tinged psych, epic spaghetti western suspense, a trio of modern/trad Brazilian tunes and a funeral march. Nothing new from Dream Weapons - except this time the music is in fact brand new (or five years old at the most)! Seems like there’s actually some talent out there still (a joke). Enjoy! -Moahaha

1 Emanative - Reflection
2 Etienne de la Sayette - Lord Bougainvillard
3 Hoodna Orchestra - Magiq Kiss
4 Blameful Isles - Light of Idun (Áries)
5 The Blassics - Nag Chamba Street
6 Constantine - Egyptian Days
7 The Soul Motivators - Working it Out

1 Plim - Aerolitos
2 Rodrigo Campos - Absurdo 6
3 Tredici Bacci - Lucertola
4 Benjamin Boone and Philip Levine - A Dozen Dawn Songs, Plus One
5 Gadiamb B - Linha Amarela
6 Des Lions Pour Des Lions - March From Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary

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