Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Dream Weapons present: WIND-UP MYSTERY BOX C60


Digging for shellac-gems in flea markets and second hand stores is always a hit or miss treasure hunt. But the right kind of seven to nine decades old recorded music conveys a sort of life-affirming joy, emotional intensity or wide-eyed beauty that appeals to me more than most contemporary stuff. This mix containing only music of the 78rpm-era is a tribute of sorts to my hand-cranked gramophone player as a "magical mystery box". World music from a different world. -Moahaha

1 Unknown/E. F. Low - Flee as a Bird in Your Mountain
- New Orleans ca. 1950
2 Lulu Ziegler - Byssan Lull
- Denmark, 1949 (sung in swedish)
3 Dorothy Carless - Yes, My Darling Daughter
- UK, 1941
4 Betty Cody - Tom-Tom Yodel
- Canada, 1953
5 Isham Jones - Blue Prelude
- USA, 1932
6 Ulla Billquist - Shanghai Fifi
- Sweden, 1935
7 Hibari Misora - Watashi Wa Machi No Ko
- Japan, 1951
8 Yoshiko Yamaguchi (Li Xiang Lan) - Drifting Through Life / 身世飘零
- Japan, 1955 
9 Orkes Saiful Bahri - Ajam Den Lapeh
- Indonesia, 1950’s
10 Farid El-Atrache - Raqsat Kahramana
- Egypt, 1949

11 Suraiya - Niraalaa Mohabbat Kaa Dastur Dekhaa
- India, 1949
12 Rita Drangsholt - Taterviser 1
- Norway, 1949
13 Tora Fazylova - Kar-Shabi
- Tajikistan, 1930/1940’s
14 Biltmore Hotel Trio - Clownin' the Frets
- USA, 1928
15 Hyun In / 현인 - Mountains of Affection / 애정산맥
- South Korea, 1950
16 Folk Song & Dance Ensemble - Aikegoutk
- Armenia, probably ca. 1940 
17 Imperio Argentina - Morucha
- Argentina, 1933
18 Luis Maravilla - Souvenirs de l'alhambra
- Spain, 1953
19 Paul Robeson - Encantadora Maria
- USA, 1938
20 Norma Bruni - Verrà
- Italia, 1941



  1. One of my favourite spots on the interwebs.. Tanks, a lot, Moahaha!

  2. how do I listen a playlist or mix or compilation I just press play and enjoy

  3. So...
    This was labeled Soothing Sounds of Shellac Vol. IV
    Dark Sweets was Vol. I and Dying Breed was Vol. II
    What was Vol. III? Did I just miss it?

    1. Oh I think of Yesterland as Vol. III (but I just explained it sa my third pre-rock mixtape). Don't know if you already heard it already, but the improved version here:


  4. Wow, man... your taste is impeccable. So glad I stumbled upon this blog. Very much appreciate all the deep digging and careful consideration that clearly goes into every one of these mixes.

    1. Thank you! Yes finding some approach to present all this unheard music (as in not just as a bunch of great songs) is the challenge and fun every time.

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome بن بطوطه - thank you for commenting