Monday, May 22, 2023

Dream Weapons present: THE OLD WAVE C60

The Old Wave is really just a bunch of tunes from the early to mid-eighties, that's either been with me forever, or I’ve stumbled over in various places around the internet. If not that old, New Wave is at least middle aged by now (yet for some reason "The Middle Aged Wave" didn't feel right). But it holds up well and still sound as fresh as ever. More so than the music from the second part of the same decade. It was an uniquely vibrant period for «popular music». I’ve simply collected nineteen standout gems (at least I think so) from this era that has gone under most everyone’s radar. Yes I know, The Comsat Angels and Lene Lovich are relatively well known, but the single/EP flipsides included here aren't. Chilling and doom-laden in a sort of cold war angsty way + plenty of fun -Moahaha

1 Mystery Plane - Telephone
2 Kaffi - Moonbeams
3 Ende Shneafliet. - Midnight Train
4 Dislocation Dance - Roof is Leaking
5 The Comsat Angels - We Were
6 Sueno Sueno - Hands
7 Störung  - Macabre
8 Avocados - I Never Know
9 Mal - A Letter From Yellowland
10 Stupid Set- Relaxin

11 Drinking Electricity - Fall
12 Lene Lovich - Cats Away
13 Tarzan 5 - Boys Game
14 David Harrow - Still Optimistic
15 Leven Signs - Our Position Vanishes
16 M.Nomiized - Nitsed
17 Jung Analysts - Punishment is Art
18 Galen Herod - 800728
19 Hong Kong Syndikat - Divided By




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    1. You're welcome - and welcome, if you are new here, Vaykorus!

  2. Thanks for the Old-New wave, Moahaha! I like it !

    1. Glad you're enjoying the good old New Wave:)

  3. thanks for this, enjoyed the different flavour!

    1. Thank you! Yes, some different flavors every once in a while is how I keep things interesting - both for myself and hopefully for you

  4. Another good one Mohaha. On the mp3 and/or streaming question then it's mp3's for me. Cheers!

    1. Thanks! Yes. I think that goes for at least 80% of out blog visitors. And that out Mixcloud-streamers were primarely by listeners that discovered us there - and not here.

  5. Thanks, old friend. You ever get into Cocteau Twins..?? I hear Elizabeth may be the siren of the Apocalypse... ??

    1. ^^ Big Sun here, chiming in from sunny Tennessee...

    2. Yes like every sane person I got into - and am into Cocteau Twins:)

    3. sure you we're. i wouldnt call myself sane, tho...