Monday, November 15, 2021

Dream Weapons present: MIGRATORY BIRDS C60

 «Our» birds here up north have flown to their southern wintering grounds and won’t be back until spring. Nature’s own singing continental traveller perfectly illustrates this sprawling mix of mine - where I’ve put together some of my favorite music from all over Eurasia. And then some. You’ll get a Bengali devotional song followed by a Saharawi Lament, Turkish jazzy psych, some Iranian santoor, Ukranian folk, a Nigerian Reggae from Jamaica and a lively Lebanese song. And that was just from the fifth to the eleventh tune! -Moahaha

1 Siri Karlsson - Lament
2 Alex Serra- Dracmas For Taxi
3 Kjorstad Brothers - Så lokka e over den myra
4 Ìxtahuele - Bwawto
5 Banasree Sengupta - Jishu Tumi Je Amar Disha
6 Aziza Brahim & Gulili Mankoo - Lamentos
7 Kit Sebastian - Kozmos
8 Hossein Farjami - Shekare Ahoo

9 D-Drifters-5 - Я сьогодні від вас від’їжджаю
10 Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Nigerian Reggae
11 Fairuz - El Amar
12 Ziad Rahbani - Natouret El Mafateeh
13 Αφροδίτη Μάνου - Στα ξένα που με ξόρισαν
14 Nytt Land - Vargavinter
15 Hamlet Gonashvili - Kakhuri Nana
16 Michio Miyagi - 数へ唄変奏曲
17 The Bengt-Arne Wallin Orchestra - Vallåt fran Mockfjärd

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  1. very nice.. thank you, much appreciated....

  2. wonderful selection! really put me in a special mood

  3. I've no idea who any of these artists are (well, apart from Count Ossie) but I'll download it anyway as I know from previous DW comps there's gonna be hidden gems in there. Thanks for all the comps you've sent our way during 2021. Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year.

    1. If our visitors start recognizing more than three or four of the artists on a featured on a mix... or even worse, has heard as many of the featured songs - well, then we need to start digging even deeper:). Not really I guess, but presenting obscure gems for openminded listeners such as yourself, is pretty much what we're all about.
      -Best wishes for both Christmas and the New Year to you too, zipper!

  4. finally getting around to listening to this here mix... a fine mix... thanks.

    signed off,
    big sun/bil/?

    1. yeppers.. completing this one and it does IT for me. Jah Bless.

    2. Thanks big sun! (I know you're Bil now, but that means "car" in my language:). I've actually kept listening to this one myself quite frequently - still enjoying the "round trip", and glad others are enjoying it too.

    3. Language is funny, ain't it? Especially English... purposefully convoluted, or backwards i've heard... inverted matrix and all.

      big sun is my astrotheologic twist on a rarely used term (big son) from the southern US vernacular when jestingly referring to another guy, and probably one from the country (see also "redneck"). I'm very much from the country and comfortable with any of those titles as i know them... haha. bil refers to a shortened form of my first name which is William. The name bill likely comes from the same place as bills that you pay, and bell, bull, bollocks, ball, Baal, etc.... it's endless unlike this night, so long for now.

    4. I'm from a village/muncipalitiy with a Coat of arms that shows a three pronged pitchfork - so yes very much from the countryside myself.

    5. that last track... i've played it over and over. shared it on social media. havent checked if others are from Sweden, but that last track i resonate with..

    6. It's beautiful eh? The title means: Cattle Call From Mockfjärd

      The mix-opener is also Swedish. Ìxtahuele too actually, but the latter one is based on a Eden Ahbez-composition.

    7. Btw: the norwegian tune "Så lokka e over den myra" means "I called the cattle home over the moors" - those lucky cows were certainly called home with some really beautiful songs back in the days:)