Sunday, January 2, 2022

Dream Weapons present: FORECAST C60

If this was a trustworthy forecast, we’d all be doomed. 

-I think having had my ears assaulted by those overblown Dune/Blade Runner 2049 Hans Zimmer-scores has inspired me to compile yet another chilling «dystopia that awaits us, as seen from our near past-fantasy». A no budget, less pompous soundtrack with better themes and some nice songs -Moahaha

Also; Goodbye & Good Riddance to 2021 and a Happy New Year to all our friends and followers!  

1 Antonio de Sousa Dias - A Gruta
2 Weekend - Sleepy Theory
3 Borghesia - Cindy Sherman
4 Me Lost Me - Forest Fire
5 You - Future-Past
6 Ofra Haza - Love Song
7 Sebastian Gandera - La Visite Au Musee
8 Bene Gesserit - Femmes Aux Yeux D'Argile
9 Mark Reeder - Work

10 Λιάνα Θάνου / Liana Thanou - Δεν Ήξερα Το Μέλλον / Den Iksera to Mellon
11 The Necks - The Boys III
12 Camino Al Desvan - El Newage
13 The Heartwood Institute - Noah's Castle - Theme
14 Dunkelziffer - Stil der Neuen Zeit
15 Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides - Temps Distillé
16 Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz - Jum Jum
17 Emilio Locurcio - La Gente In Strada
18 Cinorama - Prologue-The Giant

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-If you happen to enjoy my psuedo fortune-telling I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore-approach to compiling mixtapes, I've got plenty more darkly surreal hours of fun for you to explore on mainly: OFF THE RAILS, SECTOR UNIT, DANSE MORTELLE, WAYWARD, COLONIAL SPACE TOURS, THE TIME CAPSULE, FUTURA PRIMITIVA, ANTROPOCEN... but really most of our mixes tagged "Electronic or "Experimental".

...and BTW, most of our 20ft shows + the two we've done for Radio Alhara are up on Soundcloud and collected HERE - if anyone of you prefers that platform - or have an account there. I might as well add that player too:


  1. Just breezing through to see what the new year has brought us and straight away the cover of Forecast caught my eye, but isn't that what covers are supposed to do? As ever, before listening of course, the track listing is a mystery to me but I look forward to all being revealed soon. Cheers all!

    1. I'm happy to hear the cover art caught your eye. I always try to make it stand out visually in one way or another. Cheers zipper!

  2. Dear Moahaha, I am a true fan of your works over here I recommended it to everybody who has 3 ears, at the moment we also can do with some chill vibes in contrast of Apocalypse kind of prospect: is there in any way possible that in the future maybe you could you like an Island version with the likes of perhaps Eden Ahbes & Arthur Lyman.. that would be much appreciated by us beach bums... I was just thinking of You sitting Here on this beach... One Love.. Mr. Nice

    1. Dear Mr. Nice,

      Fantastic that you reccomend us to "everybody with 3 ears". Thank you.

      The mixes I compile are mostly the result of whatever genre, artists or scene I'm into for the time being. This comes and goes in waves and just sort of happens organically - rather than something I plan out.

      -I'll see what I can do. I usually post a "happier" sounding mix after a gloomy one anyway. I got a playlist with the working title "Joy" and another one named «Olé» - that I'm currently flicking on (among a few others)…

      Btw: I take it that you already know Sunset Sunrise, Sunward and Distant Drums + play our many other chill and pleasant mixes?

    2. Btw, I warmly reccomend all you beach bums to check out the lovely «Dharmaland» by Ìxtahuele. Sounds almost to good to be true, doesn’t it?:

      ...Eden Ahbez's "Dharmaland," arranged and performed by Ìxtahuele, is the first-ever recording of this long-lost masterwork by the original hippie composer of "Nature Boy." Resurrected from Ahbez’s unrecorded sheet music, c. 1961-63...

  3. Mucho appreciatado!! We gonna check it out.. Thanks a bunch.. you make our days and nights very nice... be back soon with comments on Sunset Sunrise... also looking forward to Dharmaland, sounds awesome dude...