Friday, April 24, 2020

Dream Weapons Present: DANSE MORTELLE C60

The way I see it any kind of musical expression that speaks to me is a positive experience. Now I think its time for some darkness again. The beautiful, weird and wicked sort of dark. I often pretend I’m directing a movie when I compile mixes. And the open ended, artsy but unintentionally comical straight to VHS film d’horreur érotique; Danse Mortelle revolves around a Bubonic Plague. It includes quite a few scenes of seduction and witchcraft plus dancing and singing around mountainous bonfires - which is why I’m posting it in time for Walpurgis Night. After all I named myself after the maniacal laugh of a fictional villain -Moahaha!

1 Philippe D'Aram - Fascination
2 Inner Dialogue - Look at Me
3 Palo Alto (feat. Norscq, Emiko Ota & Régis Codur) - Like a Mouse
4 Stratis - St. Petersburg
5 Minny Pops - The Sea
6 When - The Black Death (Excerpts)
7 Thick Pigeon - Crime
8 Mac Gayden - The Minstrel Is Free At Last - end

9 Mieux - Slow Walks
10 Janus (Jason Treuting) - i
11 Peter Thomas - Dance Ninotschka (Schwarze Augen)
12 Dunkelziffer - Arche Noah
13 Nytt Land - Frysta
14 Barbara, The Gray Witch - Witch's Love Song
15 J.A. Caesar (& Tenjo Sajiki theater company) - 出帆 - エンディング
16 Steve Shehan - Shogun (edit)



  1. Thanks a lot!
    always surprising!

    1. Thanks Il Commendatore we aim not be too predictable - neither to you or ourselves

  2. Wow! Just stumbled upon this blog today, very unique and creative, both in the music selection and the artwork. Love your style. Thank you for your efforts, enjoying this first mix!

    1. Welcome Chance - I'm glad you stumbled upon us!... and that you like what you see and hear. I hope you'll stick around and discover plenty more to enjoy.