Friday, April 10, 2020

Dream Weapons present: BIEN BIEN BIEN C90 by DJ Lemon Fogg

Whenever in need of a real good time, do like Dream Weapons and call DJ Lemon Fogg:

-I have a 90 min. mixed bag of salty, sweet and sour candy for you. Here’s German Future Jazz, Glam and Space Rock, Polish Funk/Fusion, Icelandic Children Folk, Venezuelan Acid Rock, Japanese City Pop and Acid Folk, Spanish, Italian and British Mod Soul, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, Hawaiian Pacific, French Chanson, AOR and much more. If you can’t finish it all on your own, I recommend sharing it with others – DJ Lemon Fogg

+if you haven't already, check out his previous mixes for DWp:  Whatever Happened to Happy? & My Dear Life

1.         Andrzej Marko - Dhamma
2.         Björgvin Halldórsson – Heiðlóarkvæði
3.         Kati Kovacs – Sehnsucht
4.         Raúl Porchetto - Canción II
5.         Guru Guru – It’s Your Turn
6.         Mari Rottrová & Flamingo – Zvon lásky
7.         Veronika Fischer & Band – Philodendron
8.         Jin Kirigaya – Let’s Go Back To The Sea
9.         William Lyall – Playing In The Sand
10.       Los Ros - Cuéntame cosas tuyas
11.       Tania Maria – Transamazonic
12.       Chucky Boy Chock – Walking In The Jungle
13.       Eumir Deodato Os Catedraticos – Ataque


14.       Orlane Paquin – Bien Bien Bien
15.       I Sagittari - Sulla spiaggia di Pesaro
16.       The Brady Bunch – I Just Want To Be Your Friend
17.       Halina Frąckowiak - Śnij tylko szczęście
18.       Clease – Naturally
19.       Vincent Bell – Nikki
20.       Golem – Godhead Dance
21.       J.C. Heavy – Mr. Deal
22.       Friends Of Distinction - When A Little Love Began To Die
23.       Dwight Duck – Voudou
24.       Fukamachi Jun – Omae
25.       Victorians - C'mon Dream
26.       Patterson's People - Shake Hands With The Devil



  1. This "Yandex" has some really filthy files attached to it, and I will not consider installing it on my computer, but I still want the recording. It won't go for a regular download, despite a button for just that, so what's the trick. Because I have no doubt there's malware here. Thanks. Oh, yeah. Why don't you find a better means of downloading? This is awful.

    1. I use Adblock, and thats probably why Yandex looks ok to me (on Firefox). And there's no trick, I just press download. Besides we offer two alternatives for each and every mix, so you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

      Yandex is for free, extremely stable and hasn't ever given us any issues/problems in the four years we've used it, and (like Mediafire) one of the few that lets us know how many of you actually download our uploads (which is essential info to us). After more than 130 shared mixtapes you are our first ever complainer regarding this issue, so we'll stick with what we have come to trust - while observing practically all other bloggers out there getting their files erased etc. every once in a while.

    2. Oh - and one more thing - you shouldn't have to install anything to download. I don't know how these pages appears to you - the whole internet looks beyond awful whit all sorts of confusing crap popping up virtually everywhere without Adblock.

    3. Like Moahaha says, no need to install anything, just click download. If people aren’t happy with our download options, I guess we could start a crowd funding to change to a paid service, but Yandex have served us just fine for ages, so I personally see no need to change it.

  2. My new Tesla with my new sound system thanks you! Can't wait to blast it! Thanks!

    1. Congratulations with a (new) tesla Bill! I'm certain blasting this DJ Lemon Foogg-mix will sound just perfect!

  3. To Moahaha
    Thank you nice sounds!
    And take care your health. I receive your heart.

    1. Thank you Coba - now you take care, stay safe and healthy as well.

  4. Yandex is safe. Pills of chill to you hombres and muchachas.