Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dream Weapons present: MY DEAR LIFE C60 by Glockenspiel

For the first time in ages, we present a guestmix. Big thanks to mr Glockenspiel for his contribution! 

- Sadhu Sadhu

My Dear Life is an eclectic mix of library music, French baroque pop, some obscure acid folk and some Beatlesque tunes. It makes for a dreamy and at times almost sacral listen. There’s not really a cohesive theme here, but I usually prefer it that way. You don’t really know what’s coming next, and that keeps you from drifting off and forget about what you listen to. Hope you enjoy this mix and share it with others.”

- Glockenspiel

Side A
1.The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Listen To The Warm
2.Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band - Coloured
3.Brett and Lori - Lady of Nature
4.La Christmas Choral - Glorification/Le mont des oliviers
5.Mariangela (feat. Vangelis) - My Dear Life
6.Mad Unity - Underground Party
7.Stella - Je ne me reconnais plus dans la glace
8.Fred Lloyd - Kissed Him

Side B
1.Parzival - Marsby Legend
2.Influence - I Admire
3.Mike Steïphenson - Slalom
4.Bernard Ilous - Au pays des cigales
5.Christophe - The Girl From Salina
6.Neil Harrison - Sad Eyes
7.Patric Tarnaud - Son
8.Kaufman & Jerome - Corelia
9.The Liverpool Express - Dreamin’
10.Terry McManus - Gimme a Hand


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