Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dream weapons present: (UN) MODERN C90

This collection of 20/21th century classical/avantgarde music sounded way more cutting edge at its early stages. But these haunting spine-tinglers of otherworldly beauty kept replacing the more challenging ugliness, until the latter material felt like roadblocks on a musical journey. Melancholic and mournful - at times even sentimental and nostalgic-sounding, but then again even mid-century totalitarian brutalist architecture comes across as sort of cozy in 2017. (un)modern or not mind you - for our 50th mix(!) I still compiled a rather dark and brooding hour and a half.


1. Alan Hovhaness - Koke No Niwa, Op. 181
-Alan Hovhaness, Elden Bailey, Ruth Negri, Melvin Kaplan & Walter Rosenberger
2. Colin Mcphee - Suite In 6 Movements: III. Seduk Maru
-Robert Aitken & New Music Concerts
3. John Cage - In the Name of the Holocaust: A
-Margaret Leng Tan
4. Dobrinka Tabakova - Spinning a Yarn
-Roman Mints
5. Henry Cowell - Ostinato Pianissimo
-Paul Price
6. Tzenka Dianova/Erik Satie - Socrate : I. Portrait de Socrate
-Tzenka Dianova
7. Miklós Maros - Trifoglio: I. Allegro
-Eva Maros
8. György Kurtág - Játékok, Book 6 (Games): Mihály András Emlékére
-Marino Formenti
9. Lou Harrison - In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel
-Just Strings & HMC American Gamelan

10. Alfred Schnittke - Sonata No. 1 for Piano Solo: I. Lento
 -Illya Filshtinskiy
11. Rene Eespere - Evocatio Fuer Gitarre Solo
-Tiil Peterson
12. Lepo Sumera - Schweigende Odaliske (Vaikiv odalisk)
 -Janika Lentsius
13. Alex Clairmon - Trio for Violin, Cello and Harp: II. Adagio, Pt. 1
-Lily Laskine, Roman Charmy & Jules Lemaire
14. Peteris Vasks - Gramata Cellam - II. Pianissimo
 -Sol Gabetta & Amsterdam Sinfonietta
15. Kaija Saariaho - Mirrors
-Wolpe Trio
16. Hannah Kendall - Regina Caeli
-Benjamin Nicholas & Choir of Merton College, Oxford
17. Patrick Godfrey - Another Door
 -Patrick Godfrey
18. Otmar Schoeck - No. 37: Scherzo
-Minguet Quartet



  1. Congratulations on getting to 50 dream team. Always amazing & inspiring. xox

  2. -and thanks for all your supportive comments, HammerandNails