Monday, February 6, 2017

Dream Weapons present: PASSING FOR HUMAN C90

A collection of electronic hisses and tunes. Minimal synth and other stuff. Enjoy!

- Sadhu Sadhu

Hideaway - David Weinstein
Je tu Nous - Nini Raviolette 
Budapest-Bukarest - Holger Hiller
Marcia dei Robots - Piero Umilian
Karstvīna recepte / Uz pirti / Garām aiziet vīrs ar cigareti - NSRD
Queen Bitch - Comrades Creating
Im Ex - Ceramic Hello
Rayons Magiques - Teddy Lasry
Ukrainian Church - Peter Becker 
Bubble Fantasy - Claude Larson & Manuel Landy
Ray-Dee-Oh - The Android Sisters
Electric Maneges - Sauveur Mallia
No Rule for a Dream : Bali - Bene Gesserit

Men In Motion - Roland Barker
Maybe - Chris Carter
Reisen - Ami Marie
A Water #8 - Yximallo
K. On Liberation - Agentss
Loop II - Cinéma Vérité
Trivandrum - Miguel A. Ruiz
Turning And Turning - Anne Dudley
Effritt - Ptose
Verachtung - Anna Gardeck
Ne Cherchez Plus Le... - Mecanique Vegetale
Spirographe - René Roussel
Rendez - Vous With The Upland T - Orfeon Gagarin Miguel A. Ruiz



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    1. Thanks vermaband! If you enjoyed this one, you might also like my two other mixes that have similar feel/theme. Electric Sheep and The Limitations of Science