Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dream weapons present: THE VACANT STARE C90

A pretend soundtrack to my dreamt up, surreal arthouse mystery/horror-flick... or two - with a design that was supposed to resemble a worn out VHS-cover. I don’t know about you, but in the right context seemingly warm and loving tunes can terrify me more than any deliberate "jump scare scores». So I hope I've conjured an insidious atmosphere mainly through torch-songs and gently hissing shellac oldies, in combination with film-noir/crime jazz and snippets of impressionistic mood music - instead.

All that aside there’s about a dozen of my very favorite vintage songs collected here ('n stuff), and of course your mind is free to make whatever imagery it prefers - light, dark or none at all. I cannot force you to listen all the way through to the "come death and finale", but I can strongly recommend that you do.

- Moahaha

1. Georges Delerue - Charlie et Lena
2. Kazuko Matsuo - Good Night
3. Stan Butcher - Smokey
4. Helen Merill - Blue Guitar
5. London Studio Group - Theme For A Stranger Pt .1
6. Marieclaire Costello - Kitchen Jam (from: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death)
7. H. Renaud & Robet Hermel - Striptease
8. Rose Murphy - Swinging Down The Lane
9. Il Reale Impero Britannico - Kalù
10. Paul Desmond - To Say Goodbye
11. Akinéton Retard - Hawai
12. Comedian Harmonists - Tout Le Jour, Toute La Nuit
13. The Advancement - Moorish Mode
14. Félix Leclerc et Lucienne Vernay - Dialogue D'amoureux
15. Ivor Cutler Trio - I'm Going In A Field

16. Lydia Kavina - Dance in the Moon
17. Rudi Schuricke - Eine Insel Aus Träumen Geboren
18. Jimmy Namaro Trio - Driftwood
19. Dinah Shore with Xavier Cugat - What Ever Happened to You
20. The Swingle Singers - Concerto Pour Hautbois D'amour et Cordes en la Majeur: Larguetto
21. Kay Starr - Snuggled on Your Shoulder
22. Non Credo - Traces of Ether
23. The Four Knights - Wrapped Up in a Dream
24. Ernest J Gillegin - Silver Tide
25. Whispering Jack Smith - When Day is Done
26. Arbete & Fritid - Vind
27. Karen Black - Song of Solomon 1-3 (from: The Pyx)
28. Jimmy Wakely - My Heart Cries for You
29. Amanda's Music Boxes - Lullaby Waltz
30. Anna Maria Alberghetti - Sweet Kentucky Babe
31. Patrick Gowers & John Williams - Come Death and Finale

Painting: Gerald Leslie Brockhurst - Jeunesse Dorée/Gilded Youth (1934)


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