Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dream Weapons present: THE GOLDEN DAWN C60

"The Golden Dawn is a mix of songs i've been listening to lately. Nothing really more complicated than that. Some of them seemed to fit together, others didn't but it made for a mix that wasn't just one long hum of similar sounds. Enjoy it for what is is, if you like a song here or there thats a bonus, if you like the whole thing, well, then we might just become friends".  

- Prabha Devi

Opadajcy Windokrg - Henryk Debich
Når Mørket Falder - Ulla Neumann
Leggenda - Fiorenzo Carpi/Bruno Nicolai
The Detectives - Alan Tew
Little bits of paper - Inner Dialogue
Gypsy Manou (Sherylee) - Rubba
Universal Mind - Mystic Moods Orchestra
Sommer - Stig And Steen
Conviene Far Bene - Fred Bongusto

Ginseng - Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Sadness Theme - Franco Micalizzi
Neizyasnimoe - Yuri Morozov
Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai) - The Gaslamp Killer
Grand Funk - Brian Bennett
Faça De Conta - Azymuth
Calm af the Ocean - Klaus Schønning
The Bell Of St. Mary's (Short Verrsion) - Don Voegeli