Friday, January 6, 2017

Dream weapons present: AIRWAVES AND SQUAREWAVES C90

My dead serious hypnotherapeutic inner-outer space trip through both ancient and post-civilizations including mythological places, other dimensions and neighboring worlds… it’ll make sense once you’ll start listening.

1. Manuel Gottsching - Ivresse De Lune
2. Akalé Wubé feat. Genet Asefa - Fikratchin
3. Gisteri-Santany - Idillio 1a Versione
4. Sirat - Moon Over the Ruined Castle
5. Gail Laughton The Mayans 700 B.C.
6. Tom Dissevelt - Whirling
7. Saira Raza - Verses from Earthseed: The Book of the Living
8. Golden Cup - Untitled 3
9. Sky Sulamyth - Words Of A Young King, Music Box
10. Wim Mertens - Not at Home
11. Vic Mars - Sunrise at Trig Point
12. Symboter - Elektronenstimme

13. Giuliano Sorgini - Amboselli
14. Tomutonttu - Untitled #4
15. Lilio Narduzzi - Persistent
16. The Lewis Sisters - Moonlight In Vermont
17. The Modern Jazz Quartet - Visitor from Venus
18. Carolina Eyck - Entr’acte
19. William Trytel - Saw Theme
20. Angelica Negron - El Colapso
21. Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Dark Temple
22. Simon Boswell  & Stefano Mainet - Stage Fright (Deliria)
23. Keith Seatman - Old Pepperbox (edit)



  1. I just discovered your wonderful shrine of music wonders, and what I see and hear is most thrilling. Thanks for that labour of love. :)


  2. Thanks for the kind words Lucky! - and thanks to your comment I've got to discover your own/latest compilation blog; orang lucky. Look forward to checking them out - all 78 of them.

    - Moahaha

    1. Thanks for the link to my blog from your sidebar - done the same back! Cheers.

    2. Thank you too! I just scrolled my way through every mix you've shared and started downloading a handful of them (for some reason I started with: Krtek, Lucky C-64, The Collage in Music & Early Female Hip-Hop) You're really all over the place - I'm impressed!