Friday, December 16, 2016

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. V (+ I, II, III, IV) C60


My favorite Christmas tunes reminds why as a child the Yuletide used to be my favorite time of the year. An idealized daydream of what the festive season should be - or once was.

"The only listenable Christmas compilation…ever!" I half-jokingly added to my first volume in this series - cowardly washing my hands from responsibility while claiming my innocence (or wait that’s easter) for its questionable content. But four xmas-compilations later; it has grown to become my no. 1 genre of music! No not really - its not even a genre. But the best discoveries are usually either oldies, jazz, latin, folk/medieval or classically oriented - sometimes combined. And I love all of that.

So a Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you enjoy our antimaterialistic gift of music!


1. Pete Seeger - Carol of the Beasts (whistle version)
(French, Bernard LaMonnoye ca.1700)
2. Berry and Beth Hall - Christmas Eve
(Traditional English)
3. Kindred Spirits - Pat-a-Pan
(French 17/18th century - Bernard de La Monnoye)
4. Martha Bassett - Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
(Greek 4th. Century/English translation, 1864)
5. Modern Jazz Quartet - England’s Carol
(15-17th century England)
6. Zebra - Christmas Morning (part 1)
(Sean Bonniwell)
7. Margaret Whiting - While the Angelus Was Ringing
(Jean Villard Gilles & Marc Herrand, 1948)
8. Burl Ives - Jesous Ahatonia
(French-Canadian 17th century - Saint Jean de Brébeuf)
9. The Brothers Four - The Borning Day
(Traditional West Indian)
10. Tica Grau - Doneu-me Tonyetes
11. El Gran Trio - Navidad No Me Hagas Llorar
(Gerardo Santiago Jr.)

12. Vern Van Hovel and Joe Springer - Adorad al Nino / Come to Bethlehem
(Traditional Venezuelan)
13. Zuzana Lapcikova & Zuzana Lapcikova Quintet - Zavitej K Nam, Dite Male
(Bedrich Bridel, Czech/Bohemian Baroque) 
14. Banquo Folk Ensemble - Nowel Sing We Both and Some
(15th. century England)
15. Gisella - Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging
(Traditional German)
16. Jean Ritchie - The Holy Well
(15-17th century England)
17. Winter Star - March of the Kings
(Traditional French, 13th century)
18. Ensemble Gallei & Maggie Snasone - Nowell, Nowell: Tidings True
(15th. century England)
19. The Swingle Singers - Fall, Fall, Fall
(Peter Hunt)
20. Burnett Thompson - Drei Könige
(Peter Cornelius, 1856)
21. Sandra Arida & The Robert De Cormier Singers - Miladuka / Thy Nativity
(Traditional Syrian)
22. Ensemble Unicorn - Beata Progenies
(Leonel Power d. 1445)


We decided I’d might as well make a grand Xmas Delights Vol. I-V bonanza for our blog-visitors. A carefully designed and finely selected six hours of music in total to get you and your beloved ones through the holidays in one piece!

- In 2015 I shaped the cover art in a 1970’s christmas card kind of style (or rather stole Ivo Caprino’s and added my own title). One for the sophisticated listener. A purely european, traditional folk/semiclassical mix. Looks joyful and childish on surface but contains about 3/4 pure melancholic beauty and only 1/4 of festive joy.

- A little all over the place - mostly fun and filled with forgotten treasures. 100% vintage coziness and nostalgia-vibes guaranteed.

- Unquestionably my all-time sloppiest cover design job... ever. Imaging two young women dressed as babies for christmas presents. Hm - but the actual songs collected are as great as-or better than ever.

- The original and first. Back then I was yet to become this genre’s connoisseur par excellence* and the beginning of the pentalogy is naturally the closest to resemble a regular collection of christmas-tunes. Containing quite a few household names and a number of actual hits. Just the good stuff though.

*I’m not


  1. Ah, Yuletide is saved! Thanks for another great volume of xmas delights mr!

  2. i love all these mixes and have for a few years now. i became infatuated with Kate Hudson's december will be magic again. i would listen to it over and over and over... thanks, mang.

  3. Its great to save Yuletide for my fellow dream weaponeers and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying these mixes too Big Sun!

    + wow Goldie Hawn's daughter has a version as well?

    1. haha. i thought about the Hudson/Bush switch when i was typing and did it anyway.

  4. Thanks Jaco - glad you liked it!

  5. Hey DOOMSTERJOHN. I will re-upload sometime soon. Our old account was filling up and lazily I just removed X-mas I-III as it was close to a year till next christmas - and I thought no one would notice.

  6. Huh, I replied to you as Sadhu Sadhu. How on earth did that happen? Do you need these x-mss comps right now - or is it enough that they'll be back up sometime before December?


  7. Replies
    1. You're welcome DOOMSTERJOHN - hope you discovered I re-upped them quite a while ago (and not yesterday:)