Monday, March 30, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: COSMIC CARPET RIDE C60

All neatly wrapped up and luxuriously presented on a red carpet in outer space - here’s an hour of east/west & space/earth slow-to mid tempo trippin’ grooves customized for your kitchen, bath, bed or living room dance floor. Forget about real life for awhile and float along to these mostly uhh… chill vibes.

Now unwrap and join inn on our semi-relaxed cosmic ride! -Moahaha

1 Love Live Life - 安来節/島根県民謡
2 The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Midnight Snack
3 Cengiz Coşkuner - Aydın Roman Havası
4 Bobbye Hall - Copula
5 The Mothmen - Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle
6 The Mystery Kindalchi Band - 悪魔の手毬歌
7 Yves Hyatt - Path To Ascension

8 Arşivplak (Afacan Sound System) - Sabir, Ya Sabir
9 Remigio Ducros - Sgambetto
10 Caramel Mou - Caramel Mou (Stéréologue-edit)
11 Fernando Falcão - Ladeira Dos Inocentes
12 Preston Epps - Afro-Mania
13 Azar Habib - Miin Ma Kenti
14 Hysear Don Walker - Love You're Mine Today



  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome Il Commendatore - hope you'll get into the groove

  2. Hey guys, love your comps. They're always interesting. Have you ever thought about reupping all your early comps that are no longer available? I thought maybe a month's worth at a time or something? Just an idea. I haven't heard the earliest ones. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Bill - long time! Glad to hear you're still checking in and enjoying our comps! Yes, as you've seem to have noticed we (try to) make sure all our old mixes are available. Which is the main reason why we got two alternative links for each mix. Mediafire can be a little unpredictable (but most of the time the link works again if you try ca. one minute later) but I've yet to experience any troubles regarding our Yandex-links.

  3. Whoops.... maybe they are available? I should look before I open my mouth. .....

  4. I keep coming back to this one. It's become my go-to music for work. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome PlagueDream - and I'm glad to hear its become your cosmic carpet ride to work!