Friday, March 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: TRAVELIN’ IN THE DARK C60

Largely a collection of 40-50 year old (fashioned) haunting folk songs that were crafted somewhere in the Anglosphere. Gentle melodies of eras past filled with forlorn longing, unrequited love, hopes & fears, war, death and God. To me these tunes belongs to the woods, the lakes, the mountains... not the concrete buildings of the crowded cities - or its artificial lighting. Rural music that'll take you away on overgrown paths and dusty dirt roads. Like a singular road movie on foot -Moahaha

1. Tom Pohlmann - A Prayer For John - Theme
2. John Renbourn - O Death
3. December's Children - Jane's Song (The Slow One)
4. Bo Grumpus - Travelin´ In the Dark
5. Sounds ov Earth - Bottle Marbles
6. Dell Dudenhoeffer - One Year Behind
7. Mormos - St. Ives
8. Karen Jones - Portrait of you
9. The Jumpleads - Greenwood Laddie
10. Cloud (Uk) - Watered Garden

11. Turner And Kirwan of Wexford - Sunshower
12. Shawn Phillips - Wailing Wall
13. Hendrickson Road House - Theatre King
14. Phyl Lobl - Seasons of War
15. Paul Esslinger - Ancora
16. Loudest Whisper - Pied Piper
17. Sandy Robison - True Believers
18. 11.59 - By The Waters Of Babylon
19. Bobo Bates - And Even the Horses Had Wings


(Bobo Bates=Kathy Bates)


  1. Hi,
    dark music for difficult times!
    it sounds great!

    1. Yes, at least to me this kind of music has a comforting quality. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for making things better Moahaha. Don't say it often enough… these tapestries you pull together are greatly appreciated.

  3. Oh thanks HammerandNails! I'm glad to hear they're appreciated - and for the comments you post every once in a while.

  4. Great, as always! Thank you.
    By the way: I really dig the artwork for your tapes and I was wondering where do you find or how do you create the typography?

    Cheers, stay safe and sound,

    1. Thanks Till!

      Most of the artwork is reworkings (sometimes radically changed while other times practically the exact same image) of scans made from old magazine covers, book covers, found photographs posters, paintings, illustrations etc... there's so much out there that "no one's ever seen" that you wouldn't believe it. Creating a new cover often involves heavy use of the "clone stamp tool" involved, maily to remove any original info/text. I like to make the covers appear like its a documentation of an actual physical object - so if its a little worn, torn and imperfect - that's just a bonus. But I had a head start as I've collected tons of old crap long before I started sharing mixtapes.

      -you can download all kinds of free fonts (ornaments, symbols... just search for free - fonts - art noveau... psychedelic or handwritten etc...) and install them to whatever photo editing program you use (I use Gimp, which is also free). Once you made a couple you'll start getting to know all the possibilities you got... sometime maybe a coffee stain effect is what the image needs, perhaps a gentle touch of canvas styling on a squeaky clean surface... maybe stretch or twist the title a little so it appears more weirdly psychedelic...

      I've posted links to online goldmines before such as:
      (go thorugh his four pages of albums one of them has over 18000 scans and there's almost 7000 largely unseen pulp/sci-fi-covers, 4000 dime novels...)

      -or places like here:

    2. Thank you very much! Just the right time to try and dig deeper into while I am in my self chosen quarantine. The good thing: I have tons of old crap, too!
      Take care! Cheers,

    3. Perfect! - anyone collecting tons of crap is friend. Good luck treasure hunting in the great indoors!

  5. Thanks very much;beautiful as always!

    1. You're welcome Psychfan - glad you liked it!